July 2021 Meeting Minutes

Date: Thursday, July 1, 2021
Time: 1:15 PM
Location: Zoom

Attendees: Richard Gegg (1), John Mahlmeister (2), Brandi Barnes (4), Tina Rolfe (7), Betoel Escobar (7), Jake Metz (9), Lisa Bievenue (10),

Absent: Lisa Merrifield (6), Amber Munds (1), Mindy Spencer (3), Tasha Robles (3), Rashmi Tenneti (4), Ann Christine Jones (5), Suzana Pulaska-Nicholson (5), Doug Gucker (6), Drew Schlosser (8), Brian Brauer (8), William Schlaack (9), Liz Watts Malouchos (11), Sarah Ashcraft (11)

Call to Order: Richard Gegg called the meeting to order at 1:15.

  1. Guest Speaker: Kristin Tennant and Scott Anderson from University Marketing and Branding
    • Kristin and Scott introduced themselves and the University Strategic Marketing and Branding Office.
    • Busted myths about branding.
    • Shared the general concept of the strategic platform. (Brand Strategy, Brand Promise, Brand Story, Brand Messaging) > (Brand Audience)
    • Shared details on the “Power of I” message. (This goes beyond undergrad recruitment).
    • Talked about the Hero/Guide framework. (Framing the audience as the heroes of the story, University as the guide)
    • The work was not complete with the brand guidelines being rolled out. Continuous work is being done to tweak the guidelines and to roll out resources.
    • Website: marketing.illinois.edu Twitter: @UofIMarketing
    • There were no questions and Rich thanked the guests for their time. The guest presentation was not recorded.
  2. Public Comment:
    • There was no public comment
  3. Review and Approval of Minutes
    • June 2021
      • Minutes were approved unanimously
  4. Chair’s Remarks
    • This is Rich Gegg’s first meeting as Chair
    • Thanked all for serving
    • Mentioned vacancies in some districts and elections would soon be filled
    • Mentioned a desire to promote and market CAP, and to increase awareness and to get more representation from APs on committees.
  5.  Announcements
    • No announcements
  6. Academic Senator Reports
    • No reports from senators
  7. Academic Senate Committee Reports (update?)
    • No reports
  8. CAP Committee Reports
    • CAPE Awards Committee:
      • Will need new Chair and Vice Chair. Open for self-nominations. If interested, email Richard or any CAP officer
    • Ad Hoc SAC/CAP Common Interest Areas: Brent West
      • Met with recently converted employees and with HR professionals to clarify differences in benefits and policies
      • Received feedback that Reporting process for time and leave was found to be confusing for salaried employees.
      • Some units were not as good at communicating and assisting with the process.
      • In general, those transitioning felt that they were being devalued and some expressed that they had lost connection to listserves and committees that had been helpful to their positions
      • From discussions with HR, found that timesheet and leave reporting issues are already being adjusted.
      • Some recommendations that we may need to move forward with:
        • Uniform college level HR training for communication
        • Better communication on benefits changes
        • AP professional development fund. Access for all professionals.
        • Look into including CS Professional in CAP representation. Requires closer look at bylaws
        • Next step is to meet with SAC to discuss and share representations.
  9. Illinois Human Resources Report – Deb Stone, Interim Senior Associate Chancellor for Human Resources (James Gallaher attended in Deb’s place for July)
    • James Gallaher reported that there is a remote and hybrid work website from HR with guidelines and tools for return to campus.
  10. Unfinished Business
    • Additional Rollover of Vacation Days
      • No new report. System level conversation
      • James Gallagher stated that he will find out the standing of the rollover and the ByLaws
  11. New Business
    • Action on the ByLaws Committee Report (July Meeting)
      • Bylaws sent again to HR; no word yet on any updates to HR.
  12. Closed Session IS NOT expected.
    • No closed session
  13.  Adjournment:
    • Meeting adjourned at 2:10