Your Representatives


(List of units in District 1)

District 1: Vacant
(term expires 5/2023)

District 1: Brent West
(term expires 5/2021)
Assistant Director
Records and Information Management Services




(List of units in District 2)

District 2: Allie Arp
(term expires 5/2022)
Coordinator of Communications
Coordinated Science Laboratory

District 2: Randall J. Sandone
 (term expires 5/2021)
Sr. Program Manager
Information Trust Institute




(List of units in District 3)

District 3: Tasha Robles
(term expires 5/2023)
Senior Academic Advisor Department of Spanish & Portuguese

District 3: Mindy Spencer
(term expires 5/2022 )
Director of Alumni Relations
LAS Office of Advancement




(List of units in District 4)

District 4: Brandi Barnes
(term expires 5/2022)
Research Development Manager
Vice Chancellor for Research Institutes

District 4: Dustin L. Yocum
(term expires 5/2021)
Human Subjects Research Senior Manager
Office for the Protection of Research Subjects




(List of units in District 5)

District 5: Ann Jones
(term expires 5/2022)
Assistant to the Head
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
District 5: Suzana Palaska
(term expires 5/2023)
Associate Director
ACES Office of International Programs




(List of units in District 6)

District 6: Doug Gucker
(term expires 5/2023)
Extension Educator, Agriculture & Natural Resources II Unit 17 Extension

District 6: Lisa Merrifield 
(term expires 2021)
Strategic Operations Coordinator




(List of units in District 7)

District 7: Nicole DelMastro-Jeffery
(term expires 5/2021)
Department of Kinesiology & Community Health

District 7: Urias Betoel Escobar
(term expires 5/2022)
Assistant Director
Office of Minority Student Affairs




(List of units in District 8)

District 8: Brian Brauer
(term expires 5/2023)
Associate Director
Illinois Fire Service Institute

District 8: Crystal M. Zulauf
(term expires 5/2021)
Associate Program Director of Continuing Education
College of Veterinary Medicine




(List of units in District 9)

District 9: William Schlaack
(term expires 5/2023)
Digital Reformatting Coordinator
University Library

District 9: Grant Brewer
(term expires 5/2022)
Assistant Director
Global Education and Training




(List of units in District 10)

District 10: Lisa Bievenue
(term expires 5/2021)
Director of Informatics Programs
School of Information Sciences

District 10: Chaya Sandler
(term expires 5/2023)
Academic Advisor
Division of General Studies




(List of units in District 11)

District 11: John Scott
(term expires 5/2021)
Senior Analytical Chemist
Prairie Research Institute

District 11: Jeff Stein
(term expires 5/2023)
Senior Research Scientist in Fish Ecology
Prairie Research Institute



Ex Officio Member: Elyne Cole
Associate Provost and Director of Academic Human Resources
Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
217 Swanlund Administration Building
601 E. John St.
Champaign, IL 61820
Phone: 333-4523


University Senate

The current and historical list of AP senators can be found on the University Senate website. This list of all senators is sorted by college, with AP senators identified as the “AP” college.

The Council of Academic Professionals (CAP) is an elected assembly serving the interests of full-time, part-time, and retired academic professionals at Illinois. We provide direct and concerted communication between academic professional staff and administrative officers of the University. We are the voice of Academic Professionals (APs).