The Council of Academic Professionals (CAP) strongly encourages attempts to resolve problems through informal discussions at the lowest possible administrative level, typically with the academic professional’s immediate supervisor. Such discussions may progress to higher-level administrators when resolution cannot be accomplished. The CAP believes amicable mutual settlement of issues is preferable to formal grievance procedures, because such settlement is more conducive to a satisfactory continuing employment relationship.

Any academic professional may approach any member of the CAP for informal advice, consultation, and/or mediation. Academic Human Resources and the Faculty/Staff Assistance Program are other valuable resources when seeking advice and/or help in resolving a problem informally.

Formal grievance procedures should be invoked only after good-faith informal efforts have left part or the entire problem unresolved. Academic professionals are encouraged to hold a pre-grievance conference with the CAP Grievance Officer and/or the CAP Assistant Grievance Officer prior to submission of a formal written grievance.

The scope of the CAP grievance process is procedural. The purpose of the CAP grievance process is not to supplant the judgment or authority of management, but to ensure the process used that gave rise to the concern was appropriate and fair. Therefore, a procedural review is limited to confirmation by the CAP that

a) proper procedures have been followed;
b) that the decision reached is within the scope of delegated authority and
c) that actions/decisions are consistent with stated policy or past practice.

NOTE: The CAP makes every effort to expedite the grievance but a variety of factors influence the length of the procedure. Generally the grievance process requires a number of months to complete.

The Council of Academic Professionals (CAP) is an elected assembly serving the interests of full-time, part-time, and retired academic professionals at Illinois. We provide direct and concerted communication between academic professional staff and administrative officers of the University. We are the voice of Academic Professionals (APs).