September 2023 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Info

Date: Thursday, September 7, 2023
Time: 1:15 PM
Location: Online via Zoom


  1. Call to Order (1:15 pm) Lisa Merrifield
  2. Guest Speaker: Becky Hinrichs, Visiting Director, Employee Learning and Organizational Effectiveness
  3. Public Comment – None
  4. Review and Approval of Minutes – August 2023- No quorum to approve.
  5. Chair’s Remarks
  6. Illinois Human Resources Report: Brian Farber, Chief of Staff & Special Projects, IHR administration
    1. AP Development Fund Update
      • AP Development Fund Update
          • FY23-24
          • 17 total applicants
            • 8 approved at $500 for $4,000 total of $50,000 available.
            • 3 ineligible
            • Within 2-week window between arrival date of application and conference date.
            • Has not been funded within the past 2 years.
            • Has at least a 50% appointment.
            • 6 pending approval
      • All Employee Expo- 10/12 from 10 a.m. to 2p.m. at State Farm Center
      • SAC/CAP/IHR owned event.
      • Website is
      • Make a plan today to come out! Will be a great event.
      • Assistant Chancellor searches-ABG search firm
        • Asst. Chancellor, Culture, Learning and Engagement- Amy Santos was the Chair.
        • Finalists have interviewed, will be able to announce a new hire at the next meeting.
      • Assistant Chancellor for Strategic Programs and Partnerships-Staci Provesis is the chair.
        • Chaya Sandler agreed to serve on the search
        • Finalists are being identified and coming to campus.
      • Operational Excellence
        • Functional Design Team meeting to look for efficiencies and streamlining of the hiring process
        • Three action plans have commenced.
        • Uploading all necessary OAE compliance forms to Cornerstone
          • Improved turnaround for JDX position descriptions-exploring standard descriptions.
          • Establish shared KPIs for HR workflows.
          • Employee Referral Program Video-
            • $600 for a current UIUC employee who refers a non _University employee to a UIUC job.
            • Send an email link with the job posting and an application link.
              • All positions can be referred, but only certain jobs are eligible for referral payment.
              • Hard to fill and high demand vacant positions that have been approved by University leadership.
            • Staff Advisory Council
              • Retreat
              • Proposal for leadership to meet to discuss shared goals and initiatives.
              • President: Bridget HIllier( Event Specialist @ Gies)
              • Vice President: Dale Billam( Construction Project Coordinator @F&S)
              • Secretary: Colleen Hammel( Stewardship Alumni Relations Coordinator, College of Media)
              • Dale Billam will attend CAP meetings as a SAC liaison.
  7. Grievance Update
  8. Academic Senator and Committee Reports-None
    • All Employee Expo Committee: Rich Gegg, Lisa Merrifield, Lisa Goodpaster Lahners
    • AP Development Fund: Patrick Gavin, Matt Buchi
    • Chancellor’s Staff Excellence Award( CSEA) Chaya Sandler
    • IHR Strategic Initiatives-Training and Employee Development Advisory(TEDAC) Amy Dillard
    • Procedures and Bylaws Committee: Rich Gegg
    • Public Safety Advisory Committee: William Alan Schlaack
    • University Professional Personnel  Advisory Committee: Lisa Merrifield, Beth Mescheswski, Lisa Goodpaster Lahners, Patrick Gavin
  9. New Business
  10. Closed Session-There was a closed session
  11. Adjourn