February 2017 Minutes

Council of Academic Professionals

Thursday, February 2, 2017, 314A Illini Union

Meeting Minutes submitted by Elizabeth Rockman


Attendees:  Kristina Miller (1), Jenny Ehrnthaller (2), Amy Hovious (2), Shawna Naidu (3), Todd Spinner (3), Jessica Beaudoin (4), Andrew Reynolds (4), Rick Atterberry (5), Wendy White (5), Teresa Steckler (6), Elizabeth Wahle (6), Betoel Escobar (7), Tanisha King-Taylor (7), Tracy Parish (8), Chantelle Thompson (8), Richard Stokes (9), Elizabeth Rockman (10), Jeff Stein (11), Elyne Cole (ex-officio)


  1. Call to Order – Chair Jeff Stein called the meeting to order at 1:20 p.m. It was announced that the CAP meeting was being recorded during open session.


  1. Review and Approval Previous Month’s Minutes – Teresa Steckler made a motion to approve, and Kristina Miller seconded; motion passed.


  1. Public comments – A question was asked related to the previous month’s minutes with regard to the CAP supporting IPAC, the President’s initiative to procure multi-years of budget. Jeff noted that this support was for the principles behind the IPAC effort, and the info is available on the Faculty Senate website, and will be put on the CAP website.


  1. Chair’s Comments – Jeff touched on statements by the President and Chancellor related to immigration, and posited that CAP may choose to put forward a stance if decided those statements are not enough.


There are upcoming guest speakers:  President Killeen in March, for which a larger room will be procured, April is CAPE, and Katie Ross will speak on health benefits in May.


  1. Announcements – None.


  1. Committee Reports:


CAPE Awards Committee – Kristina Miller updated that the full committee meeting would be the following Monday, and that all but 1 scoring sheet had been submitted for the final review.  Names are not publicized until the Chancellor reviews and approves the slate.


University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee – None, UPPAC is meeting later in February.


Academic Professional Senators – None, there was no meeting over break.


Senate, Campus, and University Committees – Jeff said the Senate Executive Committee had meetings a week apart, once for a special annual visit of the President, and two significant long discussions of the SEC related to the Provost Search, which will be about a year-long process.  SEC drafted a procedure for ratification of up to 14 search committee members, to include faculty members, students, APs, and others.  Other issues covered were apparel related to Naïve American imagery.  The meeting went until after 7 p.m.  Jeff noted there would be a general call to members, APs to be considered for the Provost search, and that CAP would have a strong voice in making recommendations.  Mike Bohlmann noted that it was provided for in bylaws related to a Chancellor’s search.  Senate had provided for AP Senators to do their own nominations for the Provost search.  Jeff noted that he was not personally or philosophically saying CAP should not have a role, but that he didn’t want to presume to tell AP Senators what to do.  Richard Stokes noted that CAP should have a role to help AP Senators with this process.  It was agreed to put a call out for nominations by Monday.


Mike Bohlmann reported on the Senate IT Committee; the first semester was primarily focused on strategic planning, and the committee is focusing on more productive work.  Next meeting will focus on research IT resources.


Elizabeth Rockman reported on the Faculty Staff Assistance Program Advisory Committee; FSAP is looking for support for their on-line therapy resource, UPLIFT.


Procedures and Elections Committee – There will be AP Senator elections for Districts 3, 5, and 11.  District-specific e-mails will be sent for those.  CAP members are asked to have their lists verified by Deans or their designees by 2/15 for updating the electorates.  Then the process of self-nomination will begin.  The same process will follow the following month for CAP member vacancies.


Communications Committee – It was reannounced that the meeting was being recorded.  Becky reported that the Communications Committee is meeting 2 weeks before the CAP meeting.  Protocols will be developed about recording.  Rick Atterberry noted CAP is not subject to the Open Meetings Act.  Jeff said he would not like to impede information flow, and that it is understood some dynamics may change.  Kristina expressed that it was OK for the President specifically, but that HR transparency is appreciated.  Teresa noted that we would not want to be taken out of context.  Shawna asked if this discussion was taking place after the fact (of recording), and Jeff responded that trying out technology was agreed upon in a previous meeting.  Betoel felt free flow of conversation was valuable.  Elyne noted that recording would also support an expanded audience.  Andrew Reynolds posited that constituents could provide balance.  Shawna asked if all meetings needed to be recorded.  Elizabeth Rockman proposed going through Committee Reports for the meeting.  It was generally agreed to record the President’s message for the next meeting, and to review when and how the technology will be used.


Grievance Officer – There will be a closed session.


  1. Academic Human Resources Report – Elyne had no report on budget. Otherwise:
  • The 2% salary program is effective 2/16/17 for APs and 2/22/17 for Civil Service staff. Units make decisions, and this is merit-based.
  • APs are participating in the Sesquicentennial, and the Chancellor has asked for CAP members to represent at the Diversity External Review Team in the month of February (February 21). CAP members are to respond to Jeff by 2/6 at COB, and he will forward on a list to be included.
  • The Executive Order on immigration has caused challenges, and the UI leadership has indicated support of impacted individuals. There is a multidisciplinary taskforce on the issue, and ISSS has been proactive.  Several questions were asked about who to refer questions to, how to identify individuals dealing with the issues, and how to support students and others.
  • Proposed state injunction on paying state employees if budget resolution not reached does not have to be a problem for UI.
  • A question related to whether sick leave now applies to expanded relationships for APs as well as Civil Service was clarified; this is related to a new law, and should be applied across the board.


  1. Unfinished Business – None.


  1. New Business – None.


  1. Closed Session – Closed session was held.


  1. Adjournment – Kristina made the motion to adjourn, and Tanisha King-Taylor seconded; motion passed.  Meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.