Reporting Procedures

Preliminary Report: Following appropriate investigation, the committee will report, in closed session, to CAP. CAP will then propose an appropriate remedy or remedies. Among its possible actions, CAP may:

  1. dismiss the matter,
  2. direct the Chair or the committee to conduct further investigations,
  3. direct the Chair or the committee to attempt to resolve the matter,
  4. communicate its conclusions and recommendations to the grievant, and as appropriate, to others involved in the case or officially concerned with its outcome.

CAP recommendations are not restricted to the grievant’s requested remedy. CAP recommendations may include but are not limited to specific suggestions related to the grievant’s requested remedy, suggestions for changes or review of University policies and procedures related to the grievance, or a suggestion that no further action be taken.

Upon the recommendation of CAP, affected parties shall be provided a copy of the written report and shall have 14 working days from the date notification is received to inform the grievance committee, in writing, of additional relevant information or of errors of fact that may have influenced the committee’s recommendations. The committee will consider such additional information before making its final recommendation to the full Council.

Final Report: Upon formal acceptance of the committee’s report, CAP will communicate its conclusions and recommendations, in writing, to the grievant, the Chancellor or President and, as appropriate, to others officially involved in the case or concerned with its outcome.

Decision Process: The Chancellor or the President makes all final decisions in grievance cases. The grievant may appeal the decision to the Chancellor or the President directly. There is no formal appeal process.

The Chancellor or the President shall inform the CAP Chair and grievant in writing of the final disposition of the case when the decision has been reached. If the Chancellor or President chooses not to endorse a CAP recommendation, CAP may request a meeting.