Investigative Procedures

Any grievance material and statements coming before the committee and CAP will be held fully confidential by all members to the extent allowed by law and University policy. Any public statement by CAP concerning a grievance shall be made only by the Chair or the Chair’s designee and shall have prior approval by a majority of the Council.

The grievance committee investigates the grievance, typically by:

  1. Requesting permission of the grievant to review the appropriate personnel files, and
  2. Interviewing the grievant and any others who may be expected to inform the committee about the grievant’s employment situation.

NOTE: The committee’s investigation is impartial and non-legalistic in approach, with the goal of collecting information rather than providing a forum for confrontation and rebuttal. In this spirit, the committee normally conducts interviews with individuals in a closed-door setting. Any witness who chooses to attend with someone else in support needs to inform the committee chair of that intent and receive approval from the committee chair.

The University strictly prohibits and will not tolerate reprisals or retaliation against any person due to participation in a grievance investigation.