Filing Procedures

A grievance shall be presented within six months after the circumstances prompting the grievance have taken place or after the academic professional becomes aware of the grounds for the grievance. Only in unusual cases will grievances be considered if filing is delayed more than six months.

  • The grievance must be presented in writing to a member of the CAP.
  • The main body of the grievance should not exceed five pages in length; supporting data and documents should be placed in an appendix.
  • The grievance shall be organized in the following way:
  1. Brief opening statement: Summarize the issue(s) at hand and the remedy (remedies) sought.
  2. Complete description: State the the grievance with explanatory or descriptive material. Convey facts in chronological order with names, dates, and places where appropriate.
  3. List all informal efforts undertaken to resolve the grievance and the results.
  4. If different from #1 above, state precisely the remedy (remedies) sought.