April 2023 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Info

Date: Thursday, April 6, 2023
Time: 1:15 PM
Location: Online via Zoom


Representatives Present: Lisa Bievenue, Rich Gegg, Eric Kurt, Elizabeth Gonzalez, Beth Meschewski, Lisa Merrifield, Matt Bucchi, Elizabeth Watts, Tina Rolfe, Patrick Gavin, William Schlaack, Doug Gucker

  1. Call to Order (1:15 pm)
  2. Guest Speaker: UI President Tim Killeen — See the Zoom recording to hear the full address.
    • Major Points:
      • The University is “on the move”, growing, innovating
      • Currently the relationship with the state is very positive, healthy. See the Advocacy page on the UI System’s External Relations and Communications website
      • UI did a better job of navigating pandemic than any other place in US/World, and saved 10’s of thousands of lives via rapid testing and research
      • We are still in challenging times, it’s important to take of ourselves and reach out to others
      • University Admin very stable: longest standing administration in the Big10
      • Systemwide enrollment grew by 11k growth over past few years; total in the system is now 95k students total (UIUC 57k; UIC 34k; Springfield 4200, which is up 6%)
      • Affordable education is a priority; Illinois students not turned away for inability to pay
      • Increasing financial aid with support from state, although state support had been declining over past 25 years it increased by 5% last year, and Governor Pritzker is proposing 7% this year (Killeen asked for 11%) mostly salary support
      • Graduation rates higher than national norms, less debt, good jobs, more diversity — 32% students are underrepresented minorities
      • ¾ students stay in state; more than most Big10 universities
      • Economic impact of University substantial: 19 bil/year
      • Philanthropy: the Foundation Fundraising campaign ended with $3.6B a year ahead of its $3.1B goal
      • University is doing more to promote health and access to healthcare:
        • e.g,, opening a grocery in Cairo, where there was no grocery.
        • Promoting healthy lifestyle via access to medical care, amenities
      • After pandemic, UI has a strong relationship with Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)
      • Promotion innovation capacity through Discovery Partners Institute (DPI) and Illinois Innovation Network (IIN)
        • But also working to lift society up in terms of social equity, not really been tried in past, model new way of being innovative that doesn’t leave communities behind
      • Lots of federal funding awards:
        • $14M award from NSF for computing
        • $30M from USAID for soybean research
        • Area studies
      • Nick Jones is the new UI Exec VP replacing Avjit Ghosh
      • President Killeen resonded to a few questions:
        • UI advocates for the larger IL higher ed ecosystem, which is under significant stress; the UI System accounts for 52% of students in public higher education institutions in IL
        • But we could do better job of keeping college ready students in state; many go to other states to save money
        • We are #1 in country on credit transfer success
      • UI System will be hosing the Sustainability research congress in Chicago in 2025
  3. Public Comment – none
  4. Review and Approval of Minutes – March 2023 Minutes Approved
  5. Chair’s Remarks
    • CAP sent letters to Committee on Committees and USSP to follow up on potential changes to statutes (ST-83)
    • A committee needs to be formed to revise CAP By-Laws in response to ST-83
    • Closed Session today
    • Regarding elections, remember that ANY AP may serve on a CAP or Senate Committee.
  6. Announcements
    • Elections (Lisa Merrifield) – CAP representatives:
      • Thank you to departing reps cycling off their terms: Tasha Robles (3), Suzanna Pulaski (5) Doug Gucker (6), Lisa Bievenue (10)
      • Welcome to reps filling open seats: Svetlana Vranak-Sowers (1), Todd Sweet (2), Adam Morrisette (3), Brian Fulton (8)
      • Newly elected reps who will begin serving full terms on June 1: Megan Pearson (1), Neil Baer (3), Annette Donnelly (5), Shannon Range (6), Lisa Goodpaster (8), and re-elected reps: William Schlaak (9) and Beth Meschewski (11)
  7. Illinois Human Resources Report: Brian Farber, Chief of Staff & Special Projects, IHR administration
    1. AP Development Fund Update
      • Total Amount Funded – $8,076
        • Pending – 1 @ $500
        • Approved – 2 @ $500
      • Debbie will be the point of contact during Teresa’s leave.
    2. CSEA (Chancellor’s Staff Excellence Award) – 16 recipients have been identified
      • Award, feature podcast or video, $1,500 cash award
      • The invitation only Awards Ceremony is April 25; 4:30-6:00, Conference Center Ballroom
        • The ceremony is attended by the Chancellor award recipients and their invited guests, selection committee.
    3. Faculty Staff Emergency Fund Drive has launched – Email will go out on 4/11
      • The first donation to the fund was made by family and friends in memory of Joseph J. Schmiedel, a graduate and former employee of the university.
      • can donate online, by mail, payroll deduction;
      • Eligible employees – 50% Appointment and 6 months of service
      • While the awards are taxable to the recipient and recorded on W-2, the tax liability will be paid by the University.
    4. Executive Director of Compensation Strategy position has posted; using search firm, AGB, applications close on 4/14
      • As you all may know, this is a critical hire for IHR as we look to create a university compensation philosophy and build a career roadmap for the future that supports our Employee Value Proposition. This will be a multi-year process.
    5. Director of Policy Design & Administration, hope to have a hire within the next two weeks.
    6. Employee Development & Learning has changed its name to Employee Learning & Organizational Effectiveness (ELOE)
      • Tiy Goddard, step down, more time with family, will continue to work with IHR.
      • Becky Hinrichs, 30 years HR experience, CHRO at hospital in Kankakee, started Monday.
      • For those of you in managerial capacity who have multiple work modalities in your unit, I want to place a plug for doing one of the hybrid/remote trainings that is being offered.
        • April Cohort: Live Webinars on April 10 and May 4, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
        • July Cohort: Live Webinars on July 11 and August 3, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
        • September Cohort: Live Webinars on August 29 and September 21, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
        • October Cohort: Live Webinars on October 24 and November 16, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
    7. All Employee Expo – 10/12 at SFC
      • SAC will be reaching out to CAP for volunteers to plan.
    8. CS Employee and Dependent Scholarship
      • 34 Applications this year!
      • Staff enjoy free tuition at state institutions, children are eligible for half tuition after 7 years of service; this is to provide an additional level of support for things like books and transportation.
      • Rolling donation drive; contribution instructions at IHR website
    9. Assistant Chancellor searches – have not launched or posted yet, but will soon.
      • AGB
      • Asst Chancellor – Culture, Learning & Engagement -search kick off meeting is this Friday-Amy Santos is the Chair
      • Assistant Chancellor for Strategic Programs & Partnerships
    10. IHR is evolving to meet your needs!
      • See our new About Us page on our website, updated org charts, staff photos.
  8. Academic Senator Reports (none)
    • District 2: Molly Helgesen
    • District 3: M. Aaron Smith
    • District 4: Angela Slates
    • District 5: Jessica Harke
    • District 6: Carl Baker
    • District 7: vacant
    • District 8: Gabe Figliuzzi
    • District 9: Jake Metz
    • District 10: Karen McLaughlin
    • District 11: Elizabeth Meschewski
  9. CAP Senate Committees
    • Admissions: Jeannette Elliott
    • Budget: Kaamilyah Abdullah-Span
    • Campus Operations: Susan Breakenridge – doing business with university (opportunity for businesses to learn processes) April 4; Inst for Sust Environment report, Dir transportation business services gave update on initiatives with F&S re: hiring shortage
    • Committees on Committees: Chaya Sandler
    • Educational Policy: Nicole Turner – Last meetings are April 10 and April 17; any new proposals would go into affect FA 24
    • Elections and Credentials: Open
    • Equal Opportunity and Inclusion: Kaamilyah Abdullah-Span
    • Faculty and Academic Staff Benefits: Matthew Feely (AP), CAP-REP (open), Richard Gegg*
    • General University Policy: Melissa Madsen
    • Information Technology: Open
    • Joint Advisory Committee on Investment, Licensing, and Naming Rights: William Schlaack
    • Public Engagement and Outreach: Sarah Christensen, Lisa Bievenue – La Casa Cultural Latina: https://oiir.illinois.edu/la-casa-cultural-latina
    • Senate Executive Committee (SEC): Rich Gegg * – Met with chancellors and provosts about annual reports
    • University Statutes & Senate Procedures (USSP): Collin Ruud – Possible statute revisions will impact APs; recent proposals unpopular, expect a re-write
    • University Student Life: Open
  10. CAP Committee Reports
    • AP Development Fund: Patrick Gavin; Matt Buchi
    • Campus Administrative Manual Updates: Ann Christine Jones
    • Campus HR Staffing Committee: Needed?
    • Chancellor’s Staff Excellence Award (CSEA): Chaya Sandler
    • Communications Committee: Beth Meschewski
    • Outreach Committee: Brandi Barnes
    • Officer Nominating Committee: Lisa Merrifield
    • Procedures and Elections Committee: Lisa Merrifield, Brandi Barnes, Lisa Bievenue, Terri Ciofalo
    • Public Safety Advisory Committee: William Alan Schlaack
    • Racism and Social Injustice: Gio Guerra Perez
    • Recruitment and Retention: OPEN
    • Special Events Advisory Committee: Rich Gegg employee expo for 2023
    • University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee: Lisa Merrifield
    • Ad Hoc SAC/CAP Common Interest Areas: Jake Metz
    • Ad Hoc Committee on Bylaws: Jayesh Patel, Rich Gegg
    • Ad Hoc Employee Well-Being committee: Julie Elzanati
    • Grievance Officer: Report Tina Rolfe, Brandi Barnes
    • IHR Strategic Initiatives – Training and Employee Development Advisory (TEDAC) Committee Unfinished Business
    • Need someone (at least temporarily) to serve on APDF to finish out existing requests
    • AD HOC CAP Committee on Committees: Rich Gegg – working on what is active, what can be closed, who needs members
    • AD Hoc Organizational Review Committee
  11. Officer Election Slate Elected for AY 23-24
    • President: Lisa Merrifield
    • Vice President: Beth Meschewski
    • Secretary: Adam Morrisette
    • Communications Officer: Patrick Gavin
    • Grievance Committee Chair: Eric Kurt
    • Assistant Grievance Chair: Tina Rolfe
    • At-large member: William Schlaack
  12. New Business
    • By-Laws need re-write to handle changes in election procedures and hybrid meeting modes.
    • Committee on Statutes is needed; members needed.
  13. Adjournment into closed session
  14. Closed Session

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