April 2022 Meeting Minutes

April 2022 Monthly CAP Meeting
Date: Thursday, April 7, 2022
Time: 1:15 PM
Location: Zoom

 In Attendance Rich Gegg (1), John Mahlmeister (2),  Alex Weber-Kamin (2), Tasha Robles (3), Brandi Barnes (4), Rashmi Tenneti (4),  Ann Christine Jones (5), Suzana Palaska (5), Doug Glucker (6), Urias Betoel Escobar (7),  Tina Rolfe (7), Jake Metz (9), William Schlaack (9), Julie Elzanati (10), Lisa Bievenue (10), Elizabeth Watts (11)

 Absent  Lisa Merrifield (6), Drew Schlosser (8), Sara Ashcroft (11)

  1. Call to Order
    • Meeting called to order at 1:31 pm by Rich Gegg
  1. Guest Speaker:
    • President Timothy Killeen
      • The system is about to update economic impact analysis
        • $17 billion annual impact on State of Illinois
        • 141,000 jobs
        • over 2% of state’s GDP
      • Team spirit around COVID issues notable, during which we performed:
        • enrollment up
        • historic highs in fundraising (indicating confidence/trust in our University, which we are all part of)
        • refurbished and new buildings, dormitories, physical infrastructure (procurement reforms on the horizon)
        • reputation of university is strong
        • but recognize it’s been difficult and it’s not over; need to continue to be flexible
      • 5-year review of Chancellor Jones demonstrated strong leadership at UIUC
        • commitment to diversity and excellence
      • Predict increased funding from state (5%), with bipartisan support and understanding of important role of higher ed for state (building prosperity, not leaving communities behind, and being affordable)
      • Responses to questions:
        • Yes there will be a salary plan this year (possibly  hear about it within a month) State budget is giving higher ed higher priority now – UI caucus is largest in Springfield
        • What is University doing with data collected through the SHIELD program?  Nothing, all protected by HIPAA just like any other medical records. At their request, working with IDPH on anonymized statistical data.  SHIELD Illinois coming up on 6 million tests. Saved 10s of thousands of lives.  SHIELD T3 in Maine, Kentucky, California, Texas.
        • Parking: HR (Deb Stone) responded – parking is part of overall conversation on space usage and how that is change
        • Civil Service conversion audit: Urbana’s biennial compliance audit report is posted; less than 50 employees re-classified through that audit. Also doing a functional review of positions that may need to be re-classified as a result of recent changes.  https://www.sucss.illinois.gov/pages/report/auditreports.aspx
        • Is there a way we can help Lincoln College? Use this to generalize our responsibility as flagship university in state we have half of the undergraduate students in the state, we have a responsibility of the health and welfare of the whole state of Illinois.  Did a tour of the state just before Omicron hit visiting communities; there is work to be done: food deserts, insufficient access to educational pathways, health insecurity (10 year life expectancy difference from north to south in the state). UI needs to partner (with community colleges, community leaders, K-12, etc.) across the state and take on some of these responsibilities. We have a land grant mission. We are the thought leaders, are listened to and we should be leading in thought and action on improvements in these areas of need: health, wellness, sustainability, crime, education.  Need to step up to our historic responsibility.  We need systemic solutions. 24,000 graduates a year also need to be committed to public good.
        • Given acknowledgement of importance of U work with IL state agencies.  Work is ramping up, thanks to new state and federal flow-through funding, to address COVID effects on society, including on K-12 education. Would you reconsider how our campus financial resources are allocated to academic units who carry the administrative brunt of these activities?  These projects often fall to units that do good work but don’t have deep pockets (Education, Social Works).   Killeen: Complicated question and answer.  Acknowledge there are places where it’s more or less difficult to raise revenue but we are comprehensive University system. Just received $22 million award in Chicago to look at long-COVID effects for underrepresented communities.  Need to continuously think through this question…distribution of resources determined by source of funding, etc.  We are comprehensive research intensive university which is powerful; scale of intellectual heft is meaningful.  How do we most appropriately take on the challenges of our times. Colleges of Education are central to challenges of our times.  We are seeing failures of education in the discourse of the media.  We need all hands on deck (and we have a pretty big deck) to take on these issues. We need disciplinary depth and intellectual transdisciplinary problem solving approach.  Excited about innovation agenda. Our 3 colleges of education are on the front lines to create meaningful public welfare, educational opportunities.
        • “Academic Professionals are the heart and soul of this university.”
  1. Public Comment
    • No public comments
  1. Review and Approval of Minutes
  1. Chair’s Remarks
    • Some revisions to CAM regarding expressive activity, worth review.  https://cam.illinois.edu/policies/under-review/
    • Proposed changes to CAP bylaws coming up; council members can see a draft in the box folder.
    • CAP members also need to return confidentiality agreement in preparation to review grievances.
  1. Announcements
  1. Illinois Human Resources Report Deb Stone, Interim Senior Associate Chancellor for Human Resources
    • AP Professional Development Fund has funded 34 requests for a total of $13,959. We were budgeted for $50,000 so still have money available to fund requests. Any efforts to get the word out are welcomed, especially as things are starting to open up.
    • Civil Service audit: pleased with tone, improved from previous audits. Complimentary of changes we’ve made to review process.  https://www.sucss.illinois.gov/pages/report/auditreports.aspx
    • In final stages of implementing new job description and tracking systems (replacing features in HireTouch). From applicant perspective it will have much more modern look and feel, will be mobile friendly.  Ability to apply from LinkedIn. Transitioning July 11.
    • Money purchase factor for SURS changing July 2. SURS website has a benefits estimator and will tell you which calculation is most beneficial to you.
  2. Academic Senator Reports (updates?)
    • Chaya Sandler: Feedback welcome regarding procedures if Senate should meet in person.
    • Rich Gegg: Concern of mixed message since students required to be in person. Continuing online for the rest of this semester and will reconsider for fall. Hybrid seems likely.
    • Collin Ruud: minor changes to statutes approved.
  3. Academic Senate Committee Reports
    • Admissions: Jeannette Elliott
      • Nothing to report.
    • Budget: Kaamilyah Abdullah-Span
      • Nothing to report.
    • Campus Operations: Susan Breakenridge
      • Nothing to report.
    • Committee on Committees: Chaya Sandler
      • Nothing to report.
    • Educational Policy: Nicole Turner
      • Nothing to report.
    • Elections and Credentials: Brian Faber, Rich Gegg*
      • Broader interpretation of qualifying APs to vote on Senate concerning Re-classification of APs to Civil Service; considering broader “staff” definition.
    • Equal Opportunity and Inclusion: Kaamilyah Abdullah-Span
      • Nothing to report.
    • Faculty and Staff Benefits
      • Nothing to report.
    • General University Policy: Melissa Madsen
      • Nothing to report.
    • Information Technology: Mike Bohlman
      • Recordings of IT committee (and all committee) meetings on the senate website.
      • Focus has been around privacy policy and looking at operational excellence, including IT and data (working with Huron consulting who reviewed IT, HR, space, etc.). Presented at March meeting. View in recording of meeting, or contact Mike (mikeb@illinois.edu) if you have questions.  https://senate.illinois.edu/committees.asp
    • Joint Advisory Committee on Investment, Licensing, and Naming Rights: William Schlaack
      • Nothing to report.
    • Public Engagement and Outreach: Sarah Christensen, Lisa Bievenue
      • Nothing to report.
    • Senate Executive Committee (SEC): Rich Gegg *
      • Embroiled in setting agenda for next meeting.
      • Discussions regarding resuming in-person meetings.
    • University Statutes & Senate Procedures (USSP): Collin Ruud
      • Business not impactful on APs.
      • Open revision on ST-83 (academic freedom).
  4. CAP Committee Reports
    • Campus Administrative Manual Updates: Ann Christine Jones
    • Campus HR Staffing Committee: *OPEN*
      • Chair needed for this committee
    • CAPE Awards Committee: Tina Rolfe, Chaya Sandler
    • Communications Committee: Lisa Bievenue, Lisa Merrifield, Ann Christine Jones
      • No report
    • Outreach Committee: Lisa Merrifeld, John Scott
      • Looking for a new chair for this committee
    • Officer Nominating Committee: John Scott
      • No report
    • Procedures and Elections Committee: John Scott, Brandi Barnes, Lisa Bievenue, Terri Ciofalo
      • Regular elections will be held soon and will seek to fill expiring terms and vacant positions.
    • Public Safety Advisory Committee: *OPEN*
      • No update
    • Racism and Social Injustice: Gio Guerra Perez
      • No update
    • Recruitment and Retention: Suzana Palaska
      • No Update
    • Special Events Advisory Committee: Brian Brauer
      • This committee may need a new chair
    • University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee: John Mahlmeister, Lisa Merrifield
      • No update
    • Ad Hoc SAC/CAP Common Interest Areas: Brent West
      • No update
    • Ad Hoc Committee on Bylaws: Jayesh Patel, Mindy Spencer
      • Review proposed changes in box (regarding expectations for committee chair and member responsibilities)
    • Grievance Officer: Brandi Barnes
      • No grievances to report
  5. Unfinished Business
    • None
  1. New Business
    • No new business
  1. Closed Session
    • Closed session held
  2. Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 3:03

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