November 2021 Meeting Minutes

November 2021 Monthly CAP Meeting
Date: Thursday, November 4, 2021
Time: 1:15 PM
Location: Zoom

Attendees: Richard Gegg (1), Alexander Weber-Kamin (2), Tasha Robles (3), Brandi Barnes (4), Suzana Pulaska-Nicholson (5), Ann Christine Jones (5),  Lisa Merrifield (6), Tina Rolfe (7), Betoel Escobar (7), Brian Brauer (8), William Schlaack (9), Jake Metz (9), Lisa Bievenue (10), Julie Elzanati (10), Sarah Ashcraft (11)

Absent: John Mahlmeister (2), Rashmi Tenneti (4), Doug Gucker (6), Drew (Dallas) Schlosser (8), Liz Watts Malouchos (11)

  1. Call to Order – Rich called the meeting to order at 1:15
  2. Guest Speaker: Heidi Johnson and Nizam Arain, OAE, Pay Equity Update
    • Speakers provided an overview of pay equity requirements, status on campus, and best practices for improvement
  3. Public Comment
    • No public comments
  4. Review and Approval of Minutes
  5. Chair’s Remarks
    • SURS money purchase formula is changing. Anyone retiring in the next 2-3 years might want to consult SURS for the impact.
    • Discussions about what the term “academic” means in employee classes are underway. CAP is keeping close tabs on those discussions to make sure APs continue to have representation.
  6. Announcements
    • No announcements
  7. Academic Senator Reports
    • District 2: Molly Helgesen – no update
    • District 3: Aaron Smith – no update
    • District 4: Dustin Yocum – no update
    • District 5: Jessica Hartke – no update
    • District 6: Jenny Garner – no update
    • District 7: Brian Farber – no update
    • District 8: Collin Ruud – Senate met on the 10/18. No major topics with significant impact to APs.
    • District 9: Jake Metz – Review the meeting minutes to see discussion of SP 19.15 language to change about how department chairs or heads are selected
    • District 10: Karen McLaughlin – No update
    • District 11: Elizabeth Meschewski – No update
  8. Academic Senate Committee Reports
    • Admissions: Jeannette Elliott – no update
    • Budget: Kaamilyah Abdullah-Span – no update
    • Campus Operations: Glennys Mensing, Elizabeth Meschewski – no update
    • Committees: Chaya Sandler – no update
    • Educational Policy: Nicole Turner –
      • We have continued to review curricula revisions and development. There are a large number of Campus Graduate Certificates (transcriptable) that have been proposed and approved this fall.
      • Additionally, a report on the Canvas transition was provided and folks here may be interested in the status of courses in their college that have transitioned to Canvas at
    • Elections and Credentials: Brian Farber, Elizabeth Meschewski
      • Met 10/20. Discussion is ongoing about reconsideration of AP electorate. A proposed process for using PAPEs to help to identify the electorate is being proposed by HR. Past changes have reduced the AP electorate by about 50%. The committee is discussing concern about what that will do for representation. First review expected in mid-November
    • Equal Opportunity and Inclusion: Kaamilyah Abdullah-Span – no update
    • Faculty and Academic Staff Benefits: Francis Thomas, Matt Feely –
      • SURS and changes in leadership were discussed.
    • General University Policy: Melissa Madsen – no update
    • Information Technology: Mike Bohlmann – no update
    • Joint Advisory Committee on Investment, Licensing, and Naming Rights: William Schlaack
      • No updates. Only meets as needed.
    • Public Engagement and Outreach: Sarah Christensen, Lisa Bievenue
    • Senate Executive Committee (SEC): Rich Gegg & John Mahlmeister
      1. Meeting attended but no AP related updates
    • University Statutes & Senate Procedures (USSP): Tasha Robles & Terri Ciofalo
      • Bill 22.01 is proposing changes to clarify which employees are APs and which are faculty.
    • University Student Life: Tim Flanagin – no update
  9. CAP Committee Reports (updates?)
    • Campus Administrative Manual Updates:Ann Christine Jones
      • No update
    • Campus HR Staffing Committee:Myra Sully
      • No update
    • CAPE Awards Committee: Tina Rolfe, Chaya Sandler
      • Selection committee is close to being full
      • Nominations are now being accepted
    • Communications Committee: Lisa Bievenue, Lisa Merrifield, Ann Christine Jones
      • No update
    • Outreach Committee:Lisa Merrifeld, John Scott
      • No update
    • Officer Nominating Committee:John Scott
      • No updates
    • Procedures and Elections Committee:John Scott,  Brandi Barnes, Lisa Bievenue, Terri Ciofalo
      • No updates
    • Public Safety Advisory Committee:Brian Brauer
      • First meeting was held in late September. The committee continues the review of UI Police Department policy and is sharing results with community PD. There is a lot of concern about gun violence in the communities. Witnesses are not coming forward to help identify the problem, making it hard to address. Don’t walk alone. If you find poorly lit areas, please let Brian know so he can share with the lighting committee.
    • Racism and Social Injustice: Gio Guerra Perez
      • No update
    • Recruitment and Retention: Suzana Palaska
      • No update
    • Special Events Advisory Committee: Brian Brauer
      • No update
    • University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee: Brian Brauer, John Mahlmeister, Lisa Merrifield
      • Worksite committee being formed to outline what the campuses will look like in the future
    • Ad Hoc SAC/CAP Common Interest Areas:Brent West
      • Met two weeks ago and revisited the final questions for academic HR. The committee just started drafting document about findings and recommendations. The report is expected in early 2022.
    • Ad Hoc Committee on Bylaws:Jayesh Patel, Mindy Spencer
      • No update
    • Grievance Officer: Brandi Barnes
      1. No grievances
  1. Illinois Human Resources Report: James Gallaher, Executive Director for Strategic Initiatives
    • We have received 21 applications for the APDF and awarded $7864.
    • HR has compiled remote and hybrid work agreements as per CAP’s request. The numbers are for all staff. 2546 agreements have been approved. 820 have been approved for full time remote work. Others are variations of hybrid schedules.
    • VPAA committee – lead by VC academic affairs has been ongoing for several years. They are considering revision to the statues that will make it more clear for who is an AP or who is faculty. The process is only to make terminology clearer.
  2. Unfinished Business
    • No unfinished business
    • Some missing representatives in district 1
  3. New Business
    • At the December meeting, will decide on whether or not to hold a January meeting. It falls just after the holidays and while many are still on vacation.
  4. Closed Session was not held.
  5. Adjournment – meeting adjourned at 2:22



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