September 2020 Meeting Minutes

September 2020 Monthly CAP Meeting
Date: Thursday, September 3, 2020
Time: 1:15 PM
Location: Zoom

Attendees: Brent West (1), Allie Arp (2), Tasha Robles (3), Dustin Yocum (4), Brandi Barnes (4), Lisa Merrifield (6), Doug Gucker (6), Nicole DelMastro-Jeffery (7),  Betoel Escobar (7), Brian Brauer (8), Crystal Zulauf (8), William Schlaack (9), Chaya Sandler (10),  Lisa Bievenue (10), John Scott (11), Jeff Stein (11)

Absent: Vacant (1), Randall Sandone (2), Mindy Spencer (3), Ann Jones (5), Suzana Palaska-Nicholson (5), Grant Brewer (9)

  1. Call to Order – Meeting called to order at 1:15 by Brian Brauer
  2. Guest Speaker: Marty Burke
    • Discussed campus Shield Team to use a science-first process for campus testing and safety. Dr. Burke discussed positivity rate increase among undergraduates, a small number of whom have not complied with requirements and the law. While cases are up among undergraduates, the overall positivity rate is still 1%. There have been many changes that have been made to make sure we contain and reduce the spread.
  1. Public Comment
    • No public comment
  2. Review and Approval of August Minutes
    • Jeff moved to approve the minutes. Nicole seconded. Unanimously approved.
  1. Chair’s Remarks
    • Brian made brief remarks. This is a semester is like no other.
  2. Announcements
    • No announcements
  3. Academic Senator Reports
    • A senate meeting was recently held. There was and remains a lot of concern about returns to campus.
  • Academic Senate Committee Reports
    • Committees: Chaya Sandler
      1. Meet on 8-24.
      2. For APs, visit to submit interest or reach out to Chaya.
      3. Will consider candidates in September
    • Educational Policy: Nicole Turner
      1. First meeting last week
      2. There will be no classes on November 3, election day.
    • Elections and Credentials: Brian Farber, Brent West
      • Has not met.
    • Faculty and Academic Staff Benefits: Francis Thomas, Brent West
      • Has not met.
    • Joint Advisory Committee on Investment, Licensing, and Naming Rights (William)
      • First meeting a few weeks ago. Working out logistics. No information to share.
      • Purpose of the committee is to discuss with University administration about Centers or buildings with donor names attached and providing approval or disapproval for the names.
    • Public Engagement and Outreach: Sarah Christensen, Lisa Bievenue
      • Has not met yet.
    • Senate Executive Committee (SEC): Brian Brauer & Brent West
      • Met weekly over the summer.
      • Emergency meeting last night to discuss support for the changes put out by Chancellor regarding undergraduate population
    • University Statutes & Senate Procedures (USSP): Jeff Stein
      • ST83 – system level set of changes to statutes. The definition of faculty will be addressed and include definitions of non-tenure track.
      • SP2025 – Senate governance during times of emergencies. A measure was passed this summer to respond to COVID. Will be refining those guidelines.
      • Final discussion: Tenure of academic staff. Will propose extending from 3 to to 5-year positions.
  1. CAP Committee Reports
    • AP Development Fund (Open)
      1. Need a chair for this committee
      2. All APs can serve in this position.
    • Ad Hoc Committee on Bylaws (Open)
      1. Position open
      2. All APs can serve in this position.
    • Campus Administrative Manual Updates (Ann)
      1. No update
    • Campus, and University Committees
      1. Has not met yet.
    • CAPE Awards Committee (Rich)
      1. Has not met.
    • Communications Committee (Lisa)
      1. Has not met.
    • Grievance Officer (John)
      1. A grievance is in process,
    • Ad Hoc Committee on Harassment (Mindy)
      1. No update.
    • Outreach Committee (Allie)
      1. October – Illinois Climate Action Committee presentation
      2. November – Chancellor Jones will join for questions
    • Procedures and Elections Committee (Allie)
      1. District 1 – no nominations. Will reopen.
      2. District 9 – nominations close tomorrow.
    • Need chairs for bylaws and AP Development Fund. Chairs do not need to be CAP representative.
    • Public Safety Advisory Committee (Brian)
      1. Has not met yet – working on scope
    • Racism and Social Injustice (Pending OVCDI request)
      1. Has not met yet – working on scope
    • Special Events Advisory Committee (Brian)
      1. Working on hub for space use, rentals, and requirements
    • University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee (Brian)
      1. Identified goals for this year.
      2. Will be continuing the benchmarking committee, looking at AP governance at similar universities.
  1. Academic Human Resources Report Senior Associate Chancellor for Human Resources
    • Several policies and procedures have been adjusted or added to accommodate work from home and HR response to continued campus safety.
    • We are learning that we might not need as much physical space as previously assumed. Departments have also learned to be more efficient about processes.
    • If employees are non-compliant, contact the LAR staff.
    • Civil services transitions: In 2019 reviewed HR positions. 2020 reviewed business and finance positions. Reviewed almost 900 AP and CS positions and vacancies. 155 positions and employees have been or will be reclassified to Civil Service based on the review. In addition, 150 employees have been reclassified during individual employment transaction, like promotions. The next functional group will be communication, public relations, and advancement.
  1. Unfinished Business
    • Vacation Days – This was a system level decision. There will be a follow up call next week to get more information from the system.
    • Sense of Safety – Ongoing agenda item. If you are uncomfortable expressing something in the group, reach out to CAP or LER staff.
  2. New Business
    • COVID Testing Schedule – It is more important to test every 4 days than keeping the same schedule each week if on campus regularly. If only on campus occasionally, can work with unit to determine appropriate action. People don’t need to come to campus just to test. Chicago-based staff can test at UIC.
  3. Closed Session IS expected
  4. Grievance Training
    • John Scott held Grievance Training

Dates and Locations of CAP Monthly Meetings and CAP-Sponsored Events

Date Location Notes and Other Events
10/1 Virtual Meredith Moore, Illinois Climate Action Plan
11/5 Virtual Chancellor Robert Jones
12/3 Virtual