May 2020 Meeting Minutes

May 2020 Monthly CAP Meeting
Date: Thursday, May 7, 2020
Time: 1:15 PM
Location: Skype for Business 

Attendees: Rich Gegg (1), Brent West (1), Allie Arp (2), Randal Sandone (2), Mindy Spencer (3), Maggie Jarvis (3), Brandi Barnes (4), Dustin Yocum (4), Ann Jones (5), Lisa Merrifield (6), Carl Baker (6), Betoel Escobar (7), Nicole DelMastro-Jeffery (7), Brian Brauer (8), Crystal Zulauf (8), William Schlaack (9), Lisa Bievenue (10), Nancy Walsh (10), Jeff Stein (11), John Scott (11)

Absent: Suzana Palaska-Nicholson (5), Grant Brewer (9)

  1. Call to Order: Brian Brauer called the meeting to order at 1:15
  2. Presentation – Speaker: Susan Martinis, Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation
    1. Updated on the research focus for campus and on COVID-19 response from researchers.
    2. Dr. Martinis encouraged subscription to her “This week in Illinois Research” email newsletter.
  3. Public Comment: No public comment
  4. Review and Approval Previous Month’s Minutes
  5. Chair’s Remarks: Thanks for the quick response in these unusual times.
  6. Announcements: None
  7. Academic Senator Reports: No reports
  8. Academic Senate Committee Reports
    1. Faculty and Academic Staff Benefits: Francis Thomas, Brent West
      • Last meeting a week or so ago. No major action.
    2. Senate Executive Committee (SEC): Brian Brauer & Brent West
      • Discussion around planning for virtual Senate Committee meeting. Passed a resolution on how to meet remotely during a crisis.
    3. University Statutes & Senate Procedures (USSP): Jeff Stein
      • Meet 3-4 times to work on how to operate remotely.
  9. CAP Committee Reports
    1. AP Development Fund (Nancy)
      • The fund was spent out, but cancellations in conferences have changed that. It is unclear how we will proceed.
    2. Campus, and University Committees
      1. Special Events Advisory Committee (Brian)
        • An interface is being developed that will provide a single point of entry for campus events.
      2. Public Safety Advisory Committee (Brian)
        • Will resume in the fall.
      3. Joint Advisory Committee on Investment, Licensing, and Naming Rights (Vacant)
        • Have not receive any nominations. Call for nominations will be extended.
      4. Senate Public Engagement Committee (Lisa Bievenue)
        • Send update via email
      5. University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee (Brian)
        • Has not met.
      6. Training and Employee Development Committee (out of IHR) is meeting to discuss how to do on boarding virtually.
      7. CAPE Awards Committee (Carl)
        • Recipients have receive monetary awards. No decision yet on how people will be honored in person.
      8. Procedures and Elections Committee (Brent)
        1. The Call for Nominations for AP senators and CAP district reps and committees went out last week. Nominations were due by Sunday night.
        2. We received nominations for all Senate districts. Single nominations in most districts, so no election will be needed. Region 7 had 3 nominations and an election there is underway.
          1. CAP districts – receive nominations for most. Call will be extended for districts that did not get nominations.
            • At our June meeting we hold elections for CAP offices and committee chairs.
          2. We are seeking volunteers for nominating committee. Do not need to be a CAP member to join.
          3. Senate has found APs for committees where needed.
      9. Communications Committee (Maggie)
        • No report
      10. Grievance Officer (Ann)
        • No update
      11. Outreach Committee (Allie)
        • Reminded about future CAP meeting speakers
      12. Ad Hoc Committee on Bylaws (Mindy)
        • Newest version is out the committee review. Will meet later in May. Will discuss modifications to allow for virtual approval.
      13. Ad Hoc Committee on Harassment (Mindy)
        • Committee hasn’t met. Expect some updates next month.
  10. Academic Human Resources Report Senior Associate Chancellor for Human Resources
    1. Coming back to campus: nothing finalized. Campus administration has been addressing concerns that have come in and is trying to be proactive about the return procedure. The Chancellor and Provost are diligent about understanding and addressing issues and concerns. There will be some guidelines to determine whether or not people can continue to work remotely.
    2. The transition back to campus will be a process. Units are being asked to suggest options that will meet their needs.
    3. Telecommuting agreements signed by staff are specific for COVID 19. If employees do not have a return date from their Unit, then the agreement is still in effect.
    4. AP vacation usage: Discussions are starting to see if there needs to extended use of leave time beyond August 16. Units have been asked to provide their plan by May 18th.
    5. Looking at how the budget for the State of Illinois will impact higher education. Discussions are ongoing.
    6. Civil Service Audit: Has been ongoing with modified procedures. Campus has met with the audit team. We have not receive the findings yet, but expect them to be generally positive. If employees who were interviewed have concerns or issues, please reach out to IHR to discuss.
    7. Summer youth employment program: cancelled this year. But if departments want to rehire past students, contact IHR.
  11. Unfinished Business: None
  12. New Business
    1. Suggestion on a way forward to allow for CAP to take action on items.
    2. Mindy: Bylaws committee has been reviewing and updating the bylaws. The committee feels like there is nothing in the bylaws that precludes voting virtually. The committee has added a draft recommendation about meeting in person when possible but virtually when needed. There is also a recommendation that close sessions be set up as separate meeting that is only available to elected members.
    3. Jeff Stein: Reminded the group that CAP is an advisory body to the Chancellor rather than a parliamentary body. We have more leeway to conduct our business than a parliamentary body.
    4. Election of new members: The vote has always been electronic. CAP does not need to meet to vote on those procedures.
    5. AP seats on senate: CAP recruits and suggest, but the Senate elects those positions so we don’t have an issue with remote or in person meetings.
    6. Election of CAP officers: This might be the only place where discussion would be helpful, but we don’t typically have contested elections.
    7. Allie: Expressed concerns about ensuring grievances are managed so that people whose districts were being discussed can leave and return appropriately.
    8. Brian: Suggest that once we get the report on bylaws, we map out how we review and approve electronically.
  13. Closed Session is NOT expected 
  14. Adjournment: Adjourned at 2:38.

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