March 2020 Meeting Minutes

March 2020 Monthly CAP Meeting
Date: Thursday, March 5, 2020
Time: 1:15 PM
Location: Illini Union – 314B

Attendees: Rich Gegg (1), Brent West (1), Randal Sandone (2), Allie Arp (2), Mindy Spencer (3), Brandi Barnes (4), Suzana Palaska-Nicholson (5), Ann Jones (5), Carl Baker (6), Lisa Merrifield (6), Nicole DelMastro-Jeffery (7), Betoel Escobar (7), Crystal Zulauf (8), Brian Brauer (8), William Schlaack (9), Nancy Walsh (10), John Scott (11)

Absent: Maggie Jarvis (3), Dustin Yocum (4), Grant Brewer (9), Lisa Bievenue (10),   Jeff Stein (11)

  1. Call to Order: Called to order at 1:15
  2. Presentation – Melissa Edwards, Executive Director for Strategic Research Communications, OVCRI
    • Melissa provided information about the Office of Proposal Development and ways to connect.
  3. Public Comment
    • No public comment
  4. Review and Approval Previous Month’s Minutes
    • Unanimously approved.
  5. Chair’s Remarks
    • will provide campus information about the virus. We have no confirmed cases on the campus.
  6. Announcements
    • No announcements
  7. Academic Senator Reports
    • District 7: Brian Farber reported – Meeting Monday at the Spurlock Museum
  8. Academic Senate Committee Reports
    • Budget: Kristi McDuffie – Brent reported for Kristi. The committee is exploring budget transparency and reviewing information needs.
    • Elections and Credentials: Brian Farber, Brent West – Students are voting. There is an ex-officio CAP member on the committee.
    • Faculty and Academic Staff Benefits: Francis Thomas, Brent West – Self managed plan vendor change will occur June 1. Communications will be coming later this month
    • Information Technology: Mike Bohlman – Brian reported. The committee will be providing information on bandwidth and IT resources needed for people to work from home if needed.
    • Senate Executive Committee (SEC): Brian Brauer – Brian reported. Review of all vice chancellors is ongoing.
  9. CAP Committee Reports
    • AP Development Fund (Nancy) – The fund is exhausted. $75,496 has been committed for FY 2020. Brian will reach out to HR to get a notice about funds being exhausted and seeing if there is still a way to gather information on the unmet need. In April we will discuss options and set forth a plan for the fall.
    • Campus, and University Committees
      1. Special Events Advisory Committee (Brian)
        • Unified campus portal for space requests is coming to streamline ways to monitor what is going on in all spaces and make it easier to ensure events are managed from a risk standpoint.
      2. Public Safety Advisory Committee (Brian)
        • New Executive director/chief of police position is opened. The position ideally will be filled by the end of the semester.
      3. Joint Advisory Committee on Investment, Licensing, and Naming Rights (Vacant)
        • We have the opportunity to have a CAP representative.
      4. University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee (Brian)
        • Brent and Mindy attended. The system will be coming out with a policy focused on sexual misconduct.
        • UIS is also monitoring CS conversions.
        • Health Insurance premiums will increase more than normal. About $20/month but it varies depending on the plan. A high deductible plan with a health savings account will also be added. The Managed Care plans will be specific to the plan rather than . CMS will send out a booklet about benefits choice. There are likely to be an increased number of benefits sessions this year.
      5. CAPE Awards Committee (Carl)
        • Final candidates have been selected. The award ceremony will be April 7. All CAP members are invited.
      6. Procedures and Elections Committee (Brent)
        • Elections are upcoming for CAP districts, senators, and AP senate committee members. By the end of this week, hope to have the lists out to district representatives to verify eligible APs. Will send out one mailing about opportunities. Would like to have elections completed by May 4.
      7. Communications Committee (Maggie)
        • No report
      8. Grievance Officer (Ann)
        • No report
      9. Outreach Committee (Lisa/John)
        • Allie will be taking over as chair of the outreach committee.
      10. Ad Hoc Committee on Bylaws (Mindy)
        • The committee met. Notes will be consolidated and a second meeting will be scheduled.
      11. Ad Hoc Committee on Harassment (Mindy)
        • There was an announcement about policies at the System level to address the issue. The committee is looking for opportunities to participate in campus existing communities so that the AP voice is included.
  10. Academic Human Resources Report Senior Associate Chancellor for Human Resources
    1. CMS will be doing a dependent audit to make sure the people covered are still eligible. Information will come to home addresses for those who did not participate in the 2015 audit. Employees must respond. Failure to do so will mean dependents are dropped.
    2. Know Your University: remember to log learning events.
    3. No new information to share on civil service conversions because there will be onsite reviews by the state Civil Service Office next week for the regular biennial review. Once this is completed, HR will go back to business function audits.
  11. Unfinished Business
    • None
  12. New Business
    1. Reorganized Box folder for CAP documents (Brent)
      • The CAP box folder will be reorganized to make it easier to find information. Provide any comments to Brent by the end of next week.
    2. If interested in running for a position in CAP next year, reach out to the incumbent.
    3. Welcome Nicole from Region 7.
  13. Closed Session
    • No session
  14. Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 2:50.



Dates and Locations of CAP Monthly Meetings and CAP-Sponsored Events


Date Location Notes and Other Events
Apr 7, 2020 I Hotel Speaker: Chancellor Jones
I Hotel CAPE Awards
          May 7, 2020  

Illini Union 314B


Speaker: Susan Martinis, Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation


June 4, 2020 August Scheiss, Social Media Director, Public Affairs


July 2, 2020 Michelle Marquart, Program Coordinator, Illinois Conferences and Event Services