July 2020 Meeting Minutes

July 2020 Monthly CAP Meeting
Date: Thursday, July 2, 2020
Time: 1:15 PM
Location: Zoom 

Attendees: Brent West (1), Allie Arp (2), Mindy Spencer (3), Brandi Barnes (4), Lisa Merrifield (6), Doug Gucker (6), Nicole DelMastro-Jeffery (7), Betoel Escobar (7),  Brian Brauer (8), Crystal Zulauf (8), William Schlaack (9), Chaya Sandler (10), Lisa Bievenue (10),  Jeff Stein (11), John Scott (11)

Absent: Vacant (1), Randall Sandone (2), Tasha Robles (3), Dustin Yocum (4), Ann Jones (5), Suzana Palaska-Nicholson (5), Grant Brewer (9)

  1. Call to Order – Brian called the meeting to order at 1:16
  2. Guest Speaker: Michelle Marquardt, Program Coordinator, Illinois Conferences and Event Services
    • IL CES has a license for Zoom webinars or other virtual events up to 500 people and will host campus units who are doing virtual events and programs. They charge $25/hour during working hours and $35/hour after hours. They can provide registration and tech support as well. They also provide support for in person conference, including registration, budgeting, venue contracts, evaluation, etc…
  1. Public Comment
    1. Comments on the actions being taken on campus related to COVID-19 were brought to CAP. The speaker expressed concern about bringing employees and students back to campus in August.
      1. Brian Brauer responded and shared a document on the safety procedures. Brian is part of the steering team crafting the plan.
      2. Because of the way the campus is organized, many decisions are being made at the Unit level. There is no central push to bring people back to campus. Campus is providing revised occupancy numbers for classrooms and buildings, and will require people to wear face coverings, practice social distancing, use hand sanitizer. Participants should also be tested prior to attending.
      3. Campus is looking at modifying the student code to hold students accountable in positive, rather than primarily punitive ways, for compliance with COVID-19 safety guidelines.
      4. There will be an emergency order coming out from Champaign and Urbana that will put restrictions on bars until July 13 as a response to recent behavior and outbreaks.
      5. Illinois’ numbers are starting to trend upwards.
      6. Every employee will get two masks for the fall.
      7. Public health resources can be found at: http://dph.illinois.gov/restore
  1. Review and Approval of Minutes
    • May – motion to by Jeff Stein, second by Brent West. Approved unanimously.
    • June – were not posted in time for review. Will be reviewed next month.
  2. Chair’s Remarks
    • Brian commended the work that is happening on campus –
      1. 1st saliva-based COVID-19 test in the world; there are 17 testing locations on campus.
      2. In the Illinois App there is a feature that can be activated to help conduct anonymous contract tracing.
      3. We are shifting from how we understand the disease to how to we learn to live with the disease.
      4. Brian will do an information session for any AP that wants to join in.
  1. Announcements
    • None
  2. Academic Senator Reports
    • No reports
  3. Academic Senate Committee Reports
    1. Senate Executive Committee (SEC): Brian Brauer & Brent West
      1. Meets weekly. More activity recently to address the breadth and depth of issues, but the style is often argumentative.
      2. Full senate meeting yesterday done virtually.
      3. The AP level of involvement in the Senate has been great.
  1. CAP Committee Reports
    1. Outreach Committee (Allie)
      1. The Outreach Committee is working to find speakers for August and September that can explain the return-to-campus process more in-depth.
    2. Ad Hoc Committee on Bylaws (Mindy)
      1. Committee is making progress on remote meetings provisions
      2. Will meet again in the coming weeks
    3. Ad Hoc Committee on Harassment (Mindy)
      1. No updates
  1. Academic Human Resources Report Senior Associate Chancellor for Human Resources
    1. Elyne Cole clarified information about return to work
      1. Procedures to ensure people do not come to work when they are sick are being drafted
      2. If someone has tests positive for COVID-19, they have to test negative three times before they come back as per CDC and public health guidelines.
      3. Campus is working on guidance for people who don’t comply with safety guidelines. If employees don’t comply, campus or units will first help them understand the policies. If someone continues not to comply, HR discipline policies will be used up to sending people home on unpaid leave if necessary.
      4. The HR committee on COVID-19 procedures will be sharing their findings and Q&A documents for return to work. Changes may be made to the Campus Administrative Manual as well.
      5. Please share comments with HR if you have concerns that have not been addressed.
    2. Many people who have receive APDF awards are not able to use them because their events have been cancelled. If conferences are cancelled, the money cannot be used for future conferences. People will have to reapply.
  1. Unfinished Business
    • None
  2. New Business
    1. Two survey topics: Vacation Days and Sense of Safety
      • CAP will be surveying APs to try to understand these issues.
  1. Closed Session is NOT expected
    • No session
  2. Adjournment – Brian closed the meeting at 2:56.

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