September Meeting Minutes

September 2019 Monthly CAP Meeting
Date: Thursday, September 5, 2019
Time: 1:15 PM
Location: Illini Union – 314 A

In attendance: Brent West (1), Allie Arp (2), Randy Sandone (2), Mindy Spencer (3), Maggie Jarvis (3), Dustin Yocum (4), Ann Jones (5), Carl Baker (6), Lisa Merrifield (6), Betoel Escobar (7), William Schlaack (9), Grant Brewer (9), Nancy Walsh (10),  Lisa Bievenue (10), John Scott (11) ,

Excused absence: Richard Gegg (1), Brandi Barnes (4),  Chantelle Thompson (7), Brian Brauer (8), Jeff Stein (11)

Absent without contact:


  1. Call to Order – Brent called the meeting to order at 1:16
  2. Presentation – International Safety and Security
    Andrew Collium, Assoc DirectorThe office is spreading the word about free faculty and staff insurance if you travel abroad for work. In March of 2019, system board passed an international travel safety policy. The system volunteered to pay the insurance premium for anyone who registers. Employees just need to register via the website. Required if traveling to a high risk designated country or if traveling with students. Otherwise optional.


    Looking for ideas to better spread the message.

    If taking a family member, can pay the premium and the family member would have the same coverage. Premium for 2 weeks is $75.  Covers up to a year.


  1. Public Comment
    No comment


  1. Review and Approval Previous Month’s Minutes
    No changes. Carl Baker (6) motioned to approve. Mindy Spencer (3) seconded the motion.  Unanimously approved


  1. Chair’s Remarks
    Brent West filed in for Brian Brauer who is out of the office.  Brent welcomed new members: Dustin Yacn and Allie Arp.
    • UPPAC is engaging in conversations about the budgets for AP council in Chicago. We are looking for ideas for what we might use money for if we had a budget on the CU campus.

ACTION ITEM: Send to outreach committee if you have ideas. Make a request for funding.

    • Discussing inviting someone from staff advisory council to meet at the other’s meetings.
  1. Announcements
    No announcements
  1. Committee Reports
    • Academic Professional Senators
      Senate hasn’t met since last meeting.
    • Senate, Campus, and University Committees
      • Senate Executive Committee
        1. Brian: The focus of the first meeting, after an update by the Chancellor and Provost, was a review of the 9 recommendations from the 8th Senate Review Commission.  I’m paying special attention to recommendation #9, which recommended adding participation on Senate and other committees as criteria for promotion for APs.  This could be accomplished by adding language to Provost Communication #22.  My plan is to mirror the language which comes out in PC #9 for Faculty for PC #22.
    • University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee\
      Next meeting is November 18. Benchmarking subcommittee will be meeting soon.
    • HR – Training and Employee Development Advisory Committee (TEDAC)
      • Brian: The first meeting Brian attended in August was the last meeting for the committee.  The committee chair will be producing a summary report and I’ll share that once I have it.
      • One spin-off of this committee is a group which will be continuing to develop the new employee orientation.  Brian plans on staying engaged with this group to ensure that CAP is included in the orientation for new APs.  If anyone else is interested in engaging please let Brian know.
    • CAPE Awards Committee
      We need the council to solicit volunteers for the CAPE selection committee. CAP gives at least 2 names per district so that the committee is as diverse as possible. Send to HR. CAP sent out a self-nomination. District reps solicit from their own district.ACTION: Carl and Rich will draft an email for CAP members to send out. HR will send last year’s committee nomination form so it can be included.

      We can get our district list on Webtools Groups.

    • Procedures and Elections Committee
      Vote will be in close session
      Another vacancy that has no nominations
      Committee membership openings will also be discussed
    • Communications Committee
      Maggie will send out something about Email + for instructions.
      CAPE awards promotion will go out late September or early October
      All employee expo information will come out soon
    • Grievance Officer
      • Close session today
    • Ad Hoc Committee on Harassment
      • Close session today
    • Ad-Hoc Committee for APDF Distribution
      • Committee has disbanded
      • Still quite a bit of action. Up to 51 applications. 50 approved so now $35,065. If split the fund we are 93% funded. Only 3-4 more to approve this year.
      • We have received 4 applications for spring events.
      • Brian has sent a specific request to formally change the procedures to Elyne but hasn’t gotten a response back. Once Elyne and the Chancellor agree it will be posted. Or further discussion will be had.
      • Spring applications will be approved.
    • Bylaws committee
      • Mindy will chair.
      • Looking for at least 3 people from CAP or former CAP members to serve.
    • Outreach Committee
      • October Speaker: Speaker: Linday Haitz, DRES
      • Will send out ideas and get input on interest
      • Will work with Communication committee on display for All employee expo
  1. Academic Human Resources Report Senior Associate Chancellor for Human Resources
    • Deb on behalf of Elyne.
    • Have any of us gotten feedback about the Know Your U.
      • No one had feedback
      • CAP can link to the Know your U website, which has events that departments know about. Deb will send details to Comm team.
      • The Unions have all agreed to participate in the program. CAP requested that that be clarified on the website.
    • HR is beginning to wrap up functional review of HR. Will be starting to review business and finance positions. This is part of the review required. Over 500 positions in the business and finance realm. The routine position audits has been suspended again so, don’t know when the regular audits will occur.
    • Brent asked if a person has 2 part time appointments, would it be possible to have one position converted to civil service but not the other. Deb said it is possible but no likely. HR would work through that situation to make sure the outcome is in the best interest of the employee.
  1. Unfinished Business
  2. New Business
    • Committee vacancies
      1. All Employee Expo – coordination
        1. Sign up sheet – Outreach will coordinate. Carl will send past sheet to Lisa. Lisa will coordinate scheduling this year.
      2. Faculty and Academic Staff Benefits committee – If interested let Brent know. Senate committee that discusses employee benefits.
  1. Closed Session
    • Grievance discussion
      1. 2 grievances were discussed
    • Recommendation from the Ad Hoc Committee on Harassment – Mindy
      1. Send feedback to Mindy on the document
      2. Digital vote to submit to HR
    • CAP district vacancy appointments
      1. 2 nominees from district 5. Vote taken.
  1. Adjournment
    • Adjourned at 2:30.


Dates and Locations of CAP Monthly Meetings and CAP-Sponsored Events

Date Location Notes and Other Events
Sept 5, 2019 Illini Union 314B Presentation: International Safety & Security
Oct 3, 2019 Illini Union 314B Speaker: Linday Haitz, DRES
Nov 7, 2019 Illini Union 314B
Dec 5, 2019 Illini Union 314B