September 2018 Minutes

Minutes for September 2018 Monthly CAP Meeting
Thursday, September 6, 20181:15 PM | 314A Illini Union

Attendees: Brent West (1), Amy Hovious (2), Randy Sandone (2), Leslie Vermillion (3), Andrew Reynolds (4), Micah Kenfield (4), Ann Jones (5), Lisa Merrifield (6), Betoel Escobar (7), Brian Brauer (8), Victoria Huart (8), Becky Ferrell (9), George Gottschalk (9), Nancy Walsh (10), Jeff Stein (11)

Excused Absences: Richard Gegg (1), Maggie Jarvis (3), Mindy Spencer (5), Carl Baker (6), Chantelle Thompson (7), Sol Roberts-Lieb (10), John Scott (11)

  1. Call to Order 
    • Meeting called to order at 1:15 PM 
  2. Public Comment
    •  No public comment at this time. 
  3. Review and Approval Previous Month’s Minutes 
    • Andrew moved to approve, Rebecca seconded. Approved with no dissent. 
  4. Chair’s Remarks 
    • Available CAP Members should reach out to Carl over email to sign up for shifts at the All Employee Expo. 
    • We do have a confidentiality agreement to sign, which we’ll do during unfinished business. 
    • There will be an open session with HR next month to discuss Civil Service changes. 
  5. Announcements 
    • Krannert’s Opening Party is scheduled for Friday, September 7th in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Krannert. CAP Members were encouraged to attend, as it is both enjoyable and free. 
  6. Committee Reports 
    • CAPE Awards Committee 
      1. Jenny and Carl are chair/vice-chair and are not present today. However, Jenny noted that they are extending the nomination deadline for the CAPE Aw 
      2. There are 30+ self-nominations to join the committee; however, there is a dearth of applications in District 6 and 11. 
    • University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee 
      1. No report. 
    • Academic Professional Senators 
      1. No report. 
    • Senate, Campus, and University Committees 
      1. First meeting of the Committee on University Statute and Senate Procedures met this week. There are changes being considered for quorum, internal processes, and a few other points. Nothing is currently relevant to CAP. 
      2. Senate Executive Committee met once; however, it was in closed session and there is no report. 
    • Procedures and Elections Committee 
      1. Please do your best to attend CAP meetings regularly. There have been a number of absences, and this is less than optimal.
    •  Communications Committee
      1.  No report at this time. 
    • Grievance Officer 
      1. No grievances to report. 
    • Ad Hoc Committee on Harassment
      1.  No report. 
  7. Academic Human Resources Report (Deb Stone) 
    • A report just came in regarding the AP professional development fund. 
      1. We have awarded a number of funding awards to employees for their professional development. It’s good that people are taking advantage of the fund.
    •  Please encourage APs in your district to attend the All Employee Expo. 
    • As far as the Professional Development Redesign goes, this is the last meeting with AHR professionals on how the unit is being redesigned. We’re merging and trying to streamline a single process for submitting job descriptions in the Hiretouch system. 
    • HR is still looking at trying to schedule employee sessions. There will be roughly 10 sessions more or less selected by CAP districts for campus, 2-11. These will start last week of September or first week in October. 
    • Betoel – will there be information in the training sessions on how to best write the job descriptions to fit specific categories. 
      1. Deb – in the new descriptions, we will be required to include the % of time required for each aspect of the job duties. We’ve always offered training for how to write job descriptions but this will be increased in the near future. 
      2. Forms will be switched over in the last week of September. September 26th is the last date that a PAPE with the old criteria can start. 
    • Chantelle – I’ve had a number of questions from APs about the switch. Will there be a reorganization of the ‘level’ of the position with the reclassification to Civil Service. 
      1. Deb – there are professional-level Civil Service positions. It’s not all just clerical or trades. There have always been overtime-ineligible professional positions. 
      2. George – this is also a concern in my area. 
      3. Deb – We’re confident in the decisions we’ve made in that we have not exempted a position that should have been classified as a clerical position.  
    • Brent – will there be a similar presentation for system-level employees? 
      1. Yes – there is a recording available. 
    • Amy – we can try to have our district reps for each district at each of the forums for APs on the reclassification.  
      1. Deb – We’ll get the information out to help plan things. 
    • Audience questions 
      1. Does out-of-state travel play into the classification? 
        1. Deb – No. An exempt Civil Service employee can travel the same exact way. 
      2. For job searches, does this change the pool for professional-level Civil Service positions? 
        1. This does not change for exempt positions. It does require state residency for clerical and trades Civil Service positions. 
      3. Will there be employee meetings? Just to be clear. 
        1. There *will* be meetings for Urbana campus employees. System Office units will not have these meetings. 
  8. Unfinished Business 
    • All Employee Expo – CAP representation 
      1. Please sign up. It’s a good event. 
    • Confidentiality Agreement Signing 
      1. CAP signed these today. 
  9. New Business 
  10. Closed Session  
    • No closed session scheduled 
  11. Adjournment 
    • Randall moved to adjourn, Chantelle seconds. Approved with no dissent at 1:43 PM.

Dates and Locations of CAP Monthly Meetings and CAP-Sponsored Events


Date Location Notes and Other Events
September 6, 2018 314A Illini Union
October 4, 2018 314A Illini Union
November 1, 2018 314A Illini Union
December 6, 2018 314A Illini Union
January 3, 2019 314A Illini Union