May 2018 Minutes

Council of Academic Professionals

Thursday, May 31, 2018, 3rd Floor Levis Faculty Center

Meeting Minutes submitted by Andrew Reynolds


Attendees: Rich Gegg (1), Brent West (1), Amy Hovious (2), Maggie Jarvis (3), Leslie Vermillion (3), Andrew Reynolds (4), Mindy Spencer (5), Carl Baker (6), Lisa Merrifield (6), Betoel Escobar (7), Victoria Huart (8), Becky Ferrell (9), George Gottschalk (9), Nancy Walsh (10), Sol Roberts-Lieb (10), Jeff Stein (11), John Scott (11), Deb Stone (Ex Officio)


Excused Absences: Chantelle Thompson (7), Randy Sandone (2), Micah Kenfield (4), Brian Brauer (8)


  1. Call to Order – Chair Jeff Stein called the meeting order at 1:15 p.m. Jeff noted cancellation of guest speaker Rusty Barcello due to schedule conflict. New date to be determined.


  1. Public Comment – none.


  1. Review and Approval Previous Month’s Minutes – Approved as submitted by consensus.


  1. Chair’s Remarks (Jeff Stein)
    1. This will be Jeff’s last meeting as chair.
    2. Jeff proposed process for timing and execution of procedures and elections during today’s meeting.


  1. Announcements
    1. Dance programs have been selected to be performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.
    2. Carle College of Medicine will hold its first classes on July 2.


  1. Committee Reports:
    1. CAPE Awards Committee (Kristina Miller)
      1. Need a Co-Chair representative from CAP to serve for the following year. Co-chair does not have to be a CAP member.
    2. University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee (UPPAC; Jeff Stein)
      1. Next meeting is June 7th which is the annual visit to President Killeen’s House
    3. Academic Professional Senators
      1. n/a
    4. Senate, Campus, and University Committees (Jeff Stein)
      1. Three senate-related meetings:
        • SEC met with Chancellor Jones for annual Vice-Chancellor review.
        • June 8: SEC will meet with auditors to review senate procedures.
        • June 18: SEC will meet with President Killeen for Vice-Chancellor performance evals.
      2. Procedures and Elections (Rebecca Ferrell)
        1. Watch for emails requesting self-nominations for open CAP positions. Elections to be held during July meeting.
          • Special election for CAP District 5
          • Districts 4, 7, 10 for Faculty Senate
        2. Need two members for Procedures & Elections Committee
          • Sol Roberts-Lieb and Maggie Jarvis are interested
  • Rich Gegg put forward the Nominating Committee report, accepted by consensus.
  1. Communications Committee (Amy Hovious)
    1. Need final review of the new website before release.
    2. Communications Committee is available to help with AP/Civil Service fact sheet development. Deb Stone added that AHR would like to be involved in any unit brown bags, presentations, etc. concerning the audits.
  • Mindy Spencer is consolidating current and archival resources in Box.
  1. All new members now have Email+ access.
  1. Grievance
    1. none
  2. Ad Hoc Committee on Senate Representation (Jeff Stein)
    1. Report release pushed to next month.
  3. Ad Hoc Committee on Gender-based Harassment (Mindy Spencer)
    1. Committee is close to releasing some recommendations. Will be asking ODEA for more statistics.
    2. Mindy noted that the committee focus has been expanded to include bullying.


  1. AHR Report (Deb Stone):
    1. Today is the final day of Benefits Choice.
    2. Academic Professional Development Fund opens July 1.
      1. Application will be online.
      2. Communications will send a link when it becomes available.
    3. Senate has passed a balanced budget.
    4. Civil Service System and exempted positions
      1. New procedures to be fully implemented by October. Processes still being discussed, so Civil Service position audit will be delayed until 2019.
      2. AHR has developed the Professional Employment Redesign web page ( to help track status and answer questions.
  1. Q & A:
    • CAP equivalent for CS: Staff Advisory Council
    • Temp positions: If full time position were AP, temp position would be Ac Hourly.
    • Effect of conversion on senate representation has not been examined, but should be.
    • No AP Development Fund equivalent for CS. Should be fought for.
    • SUCSS is legally required to manage exemption criteria. New criteria are intended to correct perceived errors.
    • Veteran status does not typically factor into CS Pro application scores.
    • All top scores are provided to search committee, not just top 3.
    • AHR working on ways to better understand unit needs for more accurate application scoring.


  1. Unfinished Business


  1. New Business
    1. Review of CAP Annual Report
      1. Feedback received. Jeff will add redistricting info. Report accepted by consensus pending proposed changes.
    2. Reminder to district reps that CAP confidentiality agreements must be signed and returned next month.


  1. Closed Session (called if required) –


  1. Election of CAP Officers
    1. No additional nominations.
    2. Elections:
      1. Chair: Amy Hovious
      2. Vice Chair: Becky Ferrell
  • Secretary: Micah Kenfield
  1. Grievance Officer: Chantelle Thompson
  2. Communications: Mindy Spencer
  3. At-Large Member: George Gottschalk


  1. Adjourned – 3:00 p.m.