CAP resolution on insurance benefit funding

CAP passed the following resolution at its April 2016 meeting. It will be shared with Governor Rauner, members of the Illinois General Assembly, the Academic Senate, and others.

WHEREAS, the Council of Academic Professionals (hereafter referred to as CAP) serves the interests of full-time, part-time, and retired academic professionals at Illinois and provides direct and
concerted communication between academic professional staff and administrative officers of the University;

WHEREAS, an ad hoc committee on healthcare coverage was appointed by CAP to identify and summarize the negative impact the FY16 budget impasse is having on healthcare coverage for
academic professionals on the Urbana-Champaign campus;

WHEREAS, the ad hoc committee on healthcare coverage findings include that claim payments for the Quality Care Dental Plan administered by Delta Dental, the Quality Care Health Plan administered by Cigna as well as for HealthLink OAP and Coventry OAP are on hold until a budget is approved and funds released while employees continue to pay their contributions to these health care plans;

WHEREAS, prior to a hold being placed on payments, claims were being processed with a delay of over one year with payments for claims through 12/10/2014 having been released to QCHP contracted providers, claims processed through 09/05/2014 having been released to non-QCHP contracted providers, and dental claims under Delta Dental being processed based on whether they
were incurred at a network or non-network dentist.

WHEREAS, the lack of funding for state employee healthcare benefits has resulted in a significant reduction in access to healthcare as well as significant financial and emotional hardships for employees and their families.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Council of Academic Professionals adopts thisresolution urging the State of Illinois General Assembly to draft and pass legislation to:
1. provide funding to immediately cover the cost of all unpaid claims administered through the Illinois Department of Central Management Services to eliminate the financial burden placed on families of state employees.
2. provide funding for all future FY16 state employee healthcare benefits claims administered through the Illinois Department of Central Management Services to restore access to healthcare for employees and their families as outlined in the healthcare plan selected by each employee during the annual benefit choice period.

AND, BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the attached Final Report of the Council of Academic Professionals Ad Hoc Committee on Healthcare Coverage be incorporated into this resolution as
providing the rationale, intent, and guidance of the Council of Academic Professionals in making these