August 2015 Minutes

Monthly CAP Meeting Minutes
Thursday, August 6, 2015, 407 Illini Union

Attendees: Kristina R. Miller (1), Todd Spencer (3), Shawna Naidu (3), Mike Bohlmann, Richard Gregg, Dustin L. Yocum (4), Maeve Reilly (4), Rick Atterberry (5), Elizabeth A. Walker (6), Betoel Escobar (7), Tanisha King-Taylor (7), Mindy Spencer (8), Ravi Ramrattan (10), Jeffrey Stein (11), Beth Hall (11), Deb Stone (ex-officio)

I. Call to Order – Chair Bohlmann called meeting to order at 1:16p.m.

II.    Public Comment – None

III.    Chair’s Remarks
Mike Bohlmann attended UPPAC advisory committee for CAP for all universities that was hosted at the President’s house. UIC version of CAP has been doing professional development workshops, we may want to consider doing the same. Job reclassification of AP’s into Civil Service discussed and the process evaluation at UIC is not transparent. Chancellor had town hall with all chancellor’s we may want to pass to Wise once the state budget is approved.

UIS has flex scheduling during the summers, we may want to consider this. President Killeen spoke and putting together a small group of people, maybe 15 including faculty and AP’s and asked how we as CAP would like that to happen.

Strategic planning, discussing affordability and access: idea of growing university student body to 100,000 from 78,000. Wants advice on how to do this, is it possible etc. Trying to bridge things like SUNY: build relationship around that dynamic by engaging with community colleges to strengthen reach across the state and increase pipeline of students coming in as well as access and affordability. Discussed issues with 3 universities and 1 system such as medical center and competing for resources.  Trying to negotiate with the state to negotiate a 5 year budget instead of a year-to-year budget.  President will come to CAP meeting September 3rd. Maeve will help create a list of questions prepared to ask. Terry will confirm room for September meeting.

IV.    Review and Approval Previous Month’s Minutes
June & July minutes approved, with a few spelling corrections.

V.    Announcements
Employee Expo October 20th  

  • Save the date sent out and invites to follow 10am-2pm
  • CAP typically has a table  with a representatives and in the past headshots were paid for by CAP
  • Need to get approved budget in advanced form Provost office

Report from Academic Professional Senators
Next meeting will report on issues of women’s basketball team.

Senate, Campus and University Committee Reports – None

VI.    Communications Committee

  • Scheduled to meet next week
  • Website update needs to finish transitioning

VII.    Procedures and Elections Committee
Need to layout timeline for the year.  Have one volunteer so far – Tanisha King-Taylor

VIII.    Academic Human Resources Report  by Associate Provost for Human Resources
Budget and Academic Professional Development Fund: AP development fund for FY16, 21 requests and all requests have been funded, none declined and none pending. Total funded to date is $10,154.
SUCSS updates: The executive director has retired, there is an Interim Executive Director with innovating perspectives with purpose of agency in mind. There is a current search for a permanent Executive Director, the job posting closed with upward of 30 applicants, committee narrowed down the pool to 8 applicants to be interviewed.

CMS-Dependent verification process (samples of state employee letter distributed at meeting), hired an external firm to conduct an audit of dependents on all plans. Decided to do all retirees first and currently reviewing all state employees except university employees. University employees are to follow. Letters in this regard to University Employees should be received by September 15th, with October 30th as a deadline to respond. If a university employee does not respond and/or provide the information requested, the dependent will be dropped. There is no information regarding adding a dependent back on if they are dropped.

Will have to provide a copy of your front page of your federal tax return, as well as a document in last 60 days that there is a financial obligation and link between spouse and civil partner that has both names on it. Suggestion was made to include this information in introductory email to members with a copy of the sample letter.

Proposed changes to FLSA
Proposed changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), determines whether an employee’s position is eligible for overtime or not. There is a white collar exemption with a 2 factor test to determine whether the position is exempt from overtime in duties and salary level. In 2004 the salary level was increased to $544/week and was language was removed for employers to pro rate it if it was a part-time position.

  • They have now recommended changes that would raise the weekly salary amount to $960/week which would be a significant change for many employers. The teachers and practicing law positions are exempt from these changes. AP’s meet the duties test of the exemption piece, fewer than 10 part-time AP’s didn’t meet the salary part but they are considered salary non-exempt since they are part-time no issue with exceeding 40 hours a week. What will the impact be to the university if the rules go into effect? Post docs would be vulnerable. Could be as soon as Jan 1st. Weekly figure would be adjusted annually. Comments as an institution will be submitted regarding these proposed changes.

    IX.    Provost Communications 22 clarity

  • Annual reviews are required for AP’s. A supervisor’s failure to perform review does not give entitlement to said AP. Does not give AP’s protection if they do not get an annual review.
  • Chair requested that CAP form a committee to review Provost Communications 22 to look at it in relation to the grievance process for CAP in relation to the ambiguous language regarding reviews. The committee will determine what the next step is and present to CAP.  Jeffrey Stein volunteered to chair committee and Tanisha King-Taylor will serve on the committee.

X.    Unfinished Business: None

XI.    New Business: None

XII.    CLOSED SESSION – Privileged Information/Grievances (if applicable): None – Closed

XIII.    Adjournment – 2:25p.m.