July 2015 Minutes

Council of Academic Professionals
Wednesday, July 8, 2015, 407 Illini Union
Meeting Minutes submitted by Elizabeth Rockman

 Attendees: Richard Gegg (1), Kristina Miller (1), Kathleen Booth (2), Ramachandran Radhakrishnan (2), Dustin Yocum (4), Rick Atterberry (5), Theresa Steckler (6), Elizabeth Wahle (6), Betoel Escobar (7), Tracy Parish (8), Mindy Spencer (8), Melissa Madsen (9), Mike Bohlmann (9), Elizabeth Rockman (10), Beth Hall (11), Jeffrey Stein (11), Elyne Cole (ex-officio)

I. Call to Order – Chair Bohlmann called the meeting to order at 1:18 p.m.

II. Public Comment – None

III. Chair’s Remarks – Mike Bohlmann noted that he would be working to improve some processes, and that the Executive Team (Chair, Vice Chair, Communications Chair, and Secretary) would be meeting a week or two prior to each meeting in order to review issues/agenda items. He will be serving as UPPAC Chair.

IV. Review and Approval Previous Month’s Minutes – The previous month’s minutes will be sent to CAP members for review prior to the August 2015 meeting along with the July 2015 minutes, and approval will take place at the August 2015 meeting.

V. Announcements:

 Report from Academic Professional Senators – Rick Atterberry noted Senate is not in session. Melissa Madsen detailed the SEC meeting; items covered were the new medical school name, the Chancellor’s Annual Evaluation, and the President spoke and indicated support for Academic Professionals.

 Senate, Campus and University Committee Reports – None

VI. Council of Academic Professionals Orientation – Presentation given by Mike Bohlmann.

VII. Communications Committee – Mike Bohlmann will be working with Maeve Reilly to transition leadership; CAP members will receive e-mail lists of constituents, and the CAP Stakeholders list will be updated. The new CAP website will be up soon, with the goal that more individuals can update items.

VIII. Procedures and Elections Committee

 Assistant Grievance Officer – Kathleen Booth made the motion and Kristina Miller seconded for Jeffrey Stein as Vice Chair; motion passed.

CAPE Awards Committee – Jeffrey Stein made the motion and Rich Gegg seconded for Tim Flanagin as Chair, Kristina Miller as Vice Chair; motion passed.

APDF Committee – Rich Gegg made the motion and Tracy Parish seconded for Elizabeth Wahle to serve as the replacement member for the APDF Committee; motion passed.

Communications Committee – Jeffrey Stein made the motion and Kathleen Booth seconded for Mindy Spencer to join the Communications Committee; motion passed.

Procedures and Elections Committee – No volunteers at this time; this will be revisited.

Senate committees – Jeffrey Stein made the motion and Elizabeth Wahle seconded the motion to fill seven vacancies in a slate as follows; motion passed:

  • Faculty Staff Benefits – Zheng (Helen) Zhang
  • Budget – Harry Clore
  • Campus Operations – Aaron Thomas
  • Public Engagement – Tracy Parish
  • General University Policy – Richard Gegg
  • University Student Life – Kerri Green
  • Admissions – Jeffrey Stein

IX. Academic Human Resources Report by the Associate Provost for Human Resources

Budget and Academic Professional Development Fund – There is no new budget news; it is expected that payments to staff should be able to be made into the near future with funds still coming in. Cuts discussed range 8.6 – 31.5%; University contacts continue to meet with Governor’s office. University Administration is reporting a hiring freeze, this campus is not; all options are on the table, and departments make their own decisions regarding retention and recruitment and outside offers. It was also clarified that if there is no salary package, grant-funded units still fall under the UI umbrella. Deb Stone noted that a communication went out asking HR contacts to reappoint all non-budgeted employees with no increases.

APDF re-started at 7/1/15 for FY with $75,000, with the amount remaining $500; 17 requests totaling $8,654 have been received, with 3 awaiting review. Elyne Cole will bring last year’s report to the August 2015 CAP meeting.

SUCSS 2015 Audit – Auditors finished on-site in June 2015, exit audit meeting was generally positive; auditors had indicated that exemptions and AP Hourly were primary concerns. Former SUCSS Director left 6/30/15, and an interim is in place. A Search Committee has been named that includes 2 UI, 1 WIU, and 2 EIU representatives, with a closing date of mid-July. Visible changes to the audit process include a set list of questions during AP interviews, with AHR representatives in the interview.

X. By-laws review ad hoc committee – Kostas Yfantis and Mike Bohlmann will be heading this effort to clarify and streamline old by-laws, and Kathleen Booth volunteered to help as well.

XI. Preparation for President’s visit – Mike Bohlmann will work to get a larger room for the September 2015 meeting.

XII. Grievance procedures training – Presentation done; flowchart will be updated.

XIII. Unfinished Business – Elizabeth Wahle will follow up with APDF-related Extension issue.

XIV. New Business – None

XV. Closed Session for Privileged Information/Grievances – Closed session was held.

XVI.  Adjournment – Jeffrey Stein made the motion and Kathleen second