APs, officials testify at SUCSS hearing

Eight speakers from the Urbana campus testified against the proposed rule change that would remove state universities’ authority to classify positions as academic professional. More testimony will be posted as it becomes available.

Full testimony from the following speakers is available at the links below:

  • Wendy Harris, Director of Budget and Resource Planning, Department of Mathematics;
  • Kathyrn Seybert, Director of College Human Resources, College of ACES;
  • Kostas Yfantis, Acting Manager of Teaching and Learning Services, CITES, and Chair, Council of Academic Professionals (CAP) (parts 1 and 2);
  • Melissa Madsen, Assistant to the Director, School of Art and Design, and Communications Officer, Council of Academic Professionals; and
  • A written letter from Paul Hixon, Interim CIO, to the Merit Board.