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July 2017 Minutes

Council of Academic Professionals 

Thursday, July 6, 2017, Illini Union 314A 

Meeting Minutes submitted by Beth Hall 


Attendees: Kristina Miller (1), Richard Gegg (1), Amy Hovious (2), Maggie Jarvis (3), Rick Atterberry (5), Carol Baker (6), Elizabeth Wahle (6), Tanisha King-Taylor (7), Betoel Escobar (7), Nicole Delmastro-Jeffery (8), Brian Brauer (8), Richard Stokes (9), Nancy Walsh (10), Elizabeth Rockman (10), Jeff Stein (11), Beth Hall (11), Elyne Cole (ex-officio) 


  1. Call to Order– 1:15 PM, by Jeff Stein 
  2. Public Comment– 2 visitors; no questions 
  3. Review and Approval Previous Month’s Minutes— Correction:  Met in 314A; not Illinois Ballroom; Minutes were passed by consensus  
  4. Chair’s Remarks(Jeff Stein) — No movement in Springfield on the budget; should be voted later today;  strike-through version of CAP bylaws submitted to Elyne Cole along with draft of annual report;  lining up guest speakers for this next year (e.g., Chancellor, President, Interim Provost) 
  5. Announcements– Congratulations!  Andrew Reynold’s (District 4) had a baby! 
  6. Committee Reports:
  7. CAPE Awards Committee(Kristina Miller) – Have a vice-chair (Jennifer Erhnthaller (2)); will have call for volunteers for the search committee; Change in award structure: (1) Provost and Chancellor examined and modified award programs; reduction in funding level for CAPE award; without a budget, that reduction would stand, (2) From $2000 to $1000, (3) Number of awards would remain at 6, (4) No recurring salary increase, (5) Departments of winners in the past would also receive $1000; would not happen this year; All award programs have been reduced; First call for volunteers going out soon; need 2-3 volunteers from each district.  All APs are eligible to volunteer; email CAPE address if interested; a mass email will go out soon 
  8. University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee (UPPAC; Jeff Stein)– Annual Meeting was last week at President’s House;  Discussed APs who find themselves in faculty-like roles:  How common is this?  How does this impact their advancement, identity, etc.?  General sharing of information;  Katy Ross (Benefits) provided update similar to what she presented at May 2017 CAP meeting (e.g., delays in payments); Conversation about how UPPAC rotates its chairmanship (e.g., How much minimal experience is necessary?) – no formal action was necessary, does not have to be one of the CAP chairs at the hosting/rotating university; President’s report reflected strong hope that there would be a budget deal;  Budget contingency plan: (Version 1) Anticipating a 10% cut to University budget as well as significant shift in cost to university for benefits and pensions, (Version 2) Anticipate a 10% cut, but the reductions or cost shifts for benefits and pensions would not be severe, (Version 3_ Anticipate a 5% cut with no cost shifts, (Prediction)  10% cut (off the 2015 baseline) with no cost shift; would cover FY18 and the remaining balance of the FY17 with the cuts; President expressed concern if no budget 3 years in a row – yield impacts (number of offers to students compared to number of who acceptance).  Yield reflection of university reputation and risk from potential incoming students.  Third year w/o budget could show strong impact on the yield; could take years to decade to recover; President has plans for intensive faculty recruitment; There will be procurement relief for the research enterprise; (Rick Atterberry) AP employment trends over past 15 years are difficult to interpret … Q: What is the question that was trying to answer?  Perhaps Elyne’s office could provide some guidance.  What is the employment trend and possible causes?  Propose to continue this conversation at the next UPPAC meeting 
  9. AP Senators– Senate hasn’t met since May; No report; Training for new senators and Senate committee members will occur outside of this meeting (mid-August) 
  10. Senate, Campus, and University Committees– No report
  11. Procedures and Elections(Brian Brauer) – Two self-noms for Dist 5 vacancy – Mindy Spencer was elected; Becky and Bryan will contact both applicants with results 
  12. Communications(Richard Stokes) – Working to make sure transition to new team is smooth; Continue to meet regularly and keep website, emails fresh and regular 
  13. Grievance(Tanisha King-Taylor) – Previous grievance is under advisement by university counsel until further discussion; no new grievances  
  14. Ad Hoc Committee on Senate Representation(Jeff Stein) – Meeting is scheduled for next week 
  15. AHR Report(Elyne Cole): 
  16. No budget update .. we’re all waiting
  17. Interest from Chancellor to meet with CAP more often than once a year; Need to make a formal request to him early; Proposal for the September 2017 CAP meeting – Jeff Stein will reach out
  18. Any activity with the Provost?Intent to do a search in place for Fall 2017 with hope for new provost by spring; Does CAP have interest in meeting with current, interim provost (John Wilken)?  Yes.  Jeff Stein will reach out 
  19. Wellness Research Program – one time event from last year.  Have additional funds to run part of that again this year.  Participants from last year will be invited to participate again this year.Do people offer to participate in wellness activities when there are incentives provided?  Will be studied; HR is very interested in having a wellness program and have been exploring the interest level 
  20. Q (Elizabeth Rockman):  Any news about the health care benefit issues?Elyne:  Our personal healthcare is attached to what is happening with CMS and they are under a lawsuit that seems to be moving slowly.  From the retirement organization, there’s conversation about retirement for Tier 1’s and retirement bill that may affect Tier 1 people in addition to Tier 1 people currently working.  These have stalled.  Pension is separate from health care. 
  21. Unfinished Business– None 
  22. New Business– None 
  23. New Member Orientation and Grievance Training
  24. Adjourned– training continued for new members after 3pm; all others were excused 



June 2017 Minutes

Council of Academic Professionals

Thursday, June 1, 2017, Illini Union Ballroom

Meeting Minutes submitted by Elizabeth Rockman


Attendees:  Kristina Miller (1), Jenny Ehrnthaller (2), Amy Hovious (2), Maggie Jarvis (3), Jessica Beaudoin (4), Andrew Reynolds (4), Rick Atterberry (5), Carl Baker (6), Teresa Steckler (6), Elizabeth Wahle (6), Betoel Escobar (7), Tanisha King-Taylor (7), Brian Brauer (8), Rebecca Ferrell (9), Richard Stokes (9), Nancy Walsh (10), Elizabeth Rockman (10), Beth Hall (11), Jeff Stein (11), Deb Stone (ex-officio)


  1. Call to Order – Chair Jeff Stein called the (recorded) meeting to order at 1:15 p.m.


  1. Public comments – None.


  1. Review and Approval Previous Month’s Minutes – Minutes were passed by consensus.


  1. Chair’s Comments – Jeff Stein noted that the annual report had been drafted, and asked for edits. Andrew Reynolds said that Chantelle Thompson and Jessica Beaudoin also helped with the Communications Committee.  Kristina Miller suggested that the Academic Professional Development Fund be referenced.  Amy Hovious pointed out that the All-Employee Expo should be added, and Deb Stone also asked that UPPAC be added.  Bylaws changes were not forwarded to the Office of the Chancellor for sign-off, so will be sent so voted-upon changes may be reflected.


  1. New CAP Representatives – Jeff thanked outgoing CAP members Tracy Parish, Shauna Naidu, Teresa Steckler, and Ravi Ramrattan, and welcomed Maggie Jarvis (3), Carl Baker (6), Brian Brauer (8), and Nancy Walsh (10). CAP new member orientation and grievance training will be July and/or August, depending on other time constraints.


  1. CAP Officers Election – Slate for Officers was motioned by Elizabeth Wahle and seconded by Kristina Miller:

Chair                                         Jeffrey Stein

Vice Chair                                  Rebecca Ferrell

Secretary                                    Jenny Erhnthaller

Grievance                                   Tanisha King-Taylor

Assistant Grievance Officer            Chantelle Thompson

Communications                         Richard Stokes

At-Large                        Rick Atterberry

            Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and At-Large serve on UPPAC.


CAP Committees are:

Communications:  Richard Stokes, Chair, Amy Hovious, Beth Hall, Andrew Reynolds, Jessica Beaudoin, and Chantelle Thompson

Procedures and Elections:  Rebecca Ferrell, Chair, Brian Brauer

CAPE Awards is Kristina Miller, Chair, and Vice Chair needed

            More names may be added later.


AP Senate Committees that have vacancies and for which nominations will be sought are Admissions, Campus Operations, Faculty and Academic Staff Benefits, General University Policy, and Public Engagement and Institutional Advancement.


  1. Announcements – UPPAC will meet at the President’s House; incoming CAP Exec members will join in with current CAP Exec members who serve on UPPAC, as the UPPAC term doesn’t re-set until August..


  1. Committee Reports:

CAPE Awards Committee – Discussion was held related to past CAPE awardees invitations and the lowering of number of awards and/or amount of the award.

University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee – Meeting is upcoming.

Academic Professional Senators – No report, Senate has not met.

Senate, Campus, and University Committees – There will be a call to Senate Committees, but only the Senate electorate of CAP Districts may nominate for these positions, according to a revision of how these positions are to be filled.  There was extended discussion regarding the limitations of how APs are represented in the Senate (with three districts still not represented).  An ad hoc analysis of both redistricting and representation will be undertaken.  Jeff noted that the SEC will be tasked with performance reviews of Vice Chancellors.

Procedures and Elections Committee – A special election will be held for District 5’s vacancy.

Communications Committee – Web analytics will be used to determine what can be dropped from the website, and organization will make things easier to find.

Grievance Officer – Closed session will be held.


  1. Academic Human Resources Report – Deb Stone noted that the state legislative session closed for third straight year with no budget, and that there is currently no movement with the State and AFSCME negotiations related to benefits. Questions were asked regarding call center services deficits, and retroactive payments on health care charges was addressed; these charges would be limited to $100 extra per paycheck per plan.  There has been no word of furlough language being added back to the Notification of Appointment.


  1. Unfinished Business – None.


  1. New Business – None.


  1. Closed Session – Closed session was held.


  1. Adjournment – Meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

May 2017 Minutes

Council of Academic Professionals 

ThursdayMay 4, 2017, Illini Union Ballroom 

Meeting Minutes submitted by Chantelle Thompson 


Attendees:  Jeff Stein (11 – Chair), Rich Gegg (1), Kristina Miller (1), Jenny Ehrnthaller (2), Amy Hovious (2), Shawna Naidu (3), Andrew Reynolds (4), Rick Atterberry (5), Elizabeth Wahle (6), Betoel Escobar (7), Richard Stokes (9), Ravi Ramrattan (10), Todd Spinner (3), Chantelle Thompson (8), Tanisha King-Taylor (7), Deborah Stone (AHR) for Elyne Cole (Provost/VCAA Admin – ex-officio) 


1.Call to Order – Chair Jeff Stein called the (recorded) meeting to order at 1:20 p.m.   


2.Guest Speakers – Katie Ross (UA HR Benefits) and Mark McGiles (UA Payroll and Benefits) 

Katie and Mark reported on the following items: 

  • AFSCME Collective Bargaining and Litigation Update 
  • Negotiations began early 2015 
  • December 2016 impasse declared 
  • April 3, 2017  – Motion for an accelerated process denied, the state must progress through normal judicial processes 
  • The negotiations will continue (length of time undetermined) 
  • Current impact to employees: None at this time 
  • There are no major changes to benefits (offerings from the previous year remain) 
  • Health plan benefits may be subject to change pending the outcome of the negotiations. This could result in a second Benefit Choice enrollment period. View the State of Illinois Benefit Choice booklet for more information. (Login may be required.) 
  • Benefit Choice – Enrollment period May 1 through May 31, 2017 at 11:59 pm CT
    (Effective date for any changes: July 1, 2017) 
  • Visit the CMS Marketplace at to enroll or make changes to your benefits (NOTE: State Plan benefit selections and changes are no longer processed through NESSIE. You must visit the CMS Marketplace to manage your State Plan benefits.) 
  • View the attached PowerPoint presentation for additional Benefit Choice details as well as selection/modification instructions. 
  • Important points: 
  • All of an employee’s pervious State Plan benefit selections have been copied into the CMS Marketplace. 
  • Management of Medical Reimbursement Plan (MCAP/DCAP) selections are performed in the CMS Marketplace, not NESSIE. 
  • If an employee does not wish to make any changes to their State Plan benefit selections, they needn’t perform any action. 
  • It is strongly encouraged that employees review their benefit profile within CMS Marketplace even if they do not wish to make changes to their benefit selections to assure their information was copied accurately from NESSIE. 
  • If an employee was previously a Coventry subscriber, their information has automatically been sent to Aetna. 
  • Supplemental Long-term Disability coverage is not managed in the CMS Marketplace since it is a University benefit. To make changes to your coverage, or to enroll, please visit NESSIE. An employee may enroll for this coverage at any time throughout the year. 
  • Need help? 
  • MyBenefits Marketplace Service Center
    (844) 251-1777 or TDD/TTY (844) 251-1778
    8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. CT Monday through Friday 
  • University Payroll & Benefits (UPB)
    (217) 265-6363
  • Retroactive Benefit Premiums 
  • Last year’s Benefit Choice materials indicated the State of Illinois could collect increases to insurance premiums retroactively (back to July 2016) if the litigation favored the State. 
  • This year’s Benefit Choice enrollment materials do not included that statement. UA HR Benefits does not believe that the State intends to collect any future increases in premiums retroactively. 
  • The University opposes this proposal and will continue to monitor the situation. 
  • Claim Payment Delays 
  • Without a State of Illinois budget, CMS cannot pay claims using state funds. 
  • The State releases one week of claims every other week, with payment being made from employee premiums. View the payment release schedule. 
  • If you have problems or questions related to this payment delay,  
  • First contact your insurance company
    if not resolved, contact CMS at or (800) 442-1300, selecting 1 at the first three prompts 
  • For inquiries regarding delay on dental claims: (844) 350-4432 


3.Public comments – None. 


4.Review and Approval Previous Month’s Minutes – Approved by consensus. 


5.Chair’s Comments 

  • The CAP Chair will present a draft of the CAP annual report at the next meeting. 
  • CAP is seeking speaker requests for the next academic year. Please send requests to Jeff Stein ( 
  • The CAP Chair shared that Dr. Ken Ballom has been named Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. 
  • The CAP Chair shared that the External Review Report and Recommendations on Diversity and Inclusion has been released. The full external review report is available at by clicking on the “diversity review” tab. 
  • Kristina Miller will chair the CAPE Awards, and we are looking for a vice-chair of the CAPE awards.  The CAP Chair and Vice will be elected at the June meeting. 
  • CAP is seeking a co-chair (2-year commitment required) to serve next year. Please contact Jeff Stein ( if interested in serving in this capacity. 


6.Announcements – None. 


7.Committee Reports: 

CAPE Awards Committee – Kristina Miller reported the CAPE Awards went very well. 

University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee – Nothing to report. 

Academic Professional Senators – Rick Atterberry discussed the last Senate meeting, reported revisions to the Senate bylaws passed clarifying which APs can site on Senate committees. Rick also mentioned the AAUP recently made a site visit and the University is making progress to address and remove the current censure. 

Procedures and Elections Committee – The CAP Chair reviewed incoming and outgoing CAP representative members. He noted a full CAP membership list will be provided at the next meeting. 

Communications Committee – The committee reported that work continues to streamline the CAP website. 

Grievance Officer – Nothing new to report, however, the subcommittee will deliver its final recommendations regarding the open grievance during a closed session at the next CAP meeting.

8.Academic Human Resources Report – Deborah Stone attended for Elyne Cole, and reported, that last year President Killeen charged the campus to review its units to see if there were any functional offices that could be re-aligned (via a phased approach) with University Administration to achieve efficiencies. The first phase of the re-alignment will be to transfer three units – purchasing offices within procurement, budget offices within OBFS and post award grants and contracts – from the System to the Universities. The target date for the integration is July 7, 2017. It is important to note that no jobs will be lost as a result of the re-alignment. 


9.Unfinished Business – The CAP Chair continues to seek volunteers from elected CAP member representatives to develop a strategy to expand AP senator seats and provide a restructuring plan. Member representatives should send offers to serve in this capacity to Jeff Stein ( 


10.New Business – None. 


11.Closed Session – None. 


12.Adjournment – Meeting was adjourned at 3:05 p.m.  

April 2017 Minutes

Council of Academic Professionals
Thursday, April 6, 2017, Illini Union Ballroom
Meeting Minutes submitted by Elizabeth Rockman

Attendees: Rich Gegg (1), Kristina Miller (1), Jenny Ehrnthaller (2), Amy Hovious (2), Shawna Naidu (3), Andrew Reynolds (4), Rick Atterberry (5), Elizabeth Wahle (6), Betoel Escobar (7), Tracy Parish (8), Rebecca Ferrell (9), Richard Stokes (9), Ravi Ramrattan (10), Elizabeth Rockman (10), Beth Hall (11), Jeff Stein (11), Sharon Reynolds (ex-officio)

1. Call to Order – Chair Jeff Stein called the (recorded) meeting to order at 1:20 p.m.

2. Public comments – None.

3. Review and Approval Previous Month’s Minutes – Elizabeth Wahle made a motion to approve, and Ravi Ramrattan seconded; motion passed. Elizabeth Rockman noted that she has a work commitment and will not be able to take notes at next month’s meeting, and that a volunteer will be appreciated.

5. Chair’s Comments – Jeff Stein discussed the 3/15/17 BOT meeting related with IPAC activity, and that there was a vocal protest related to student demographics. The announcement of the Provost Search members will be made soon.

6. Announcements – None.

7. Committee Reports:
CAPE Awards Committee – Kristina Miller reminded of the CAPE Reception.
University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee – Jeff has had some follow-up conversations with a UIC representative about improving promotion lines and mentorship.
Academic Professional Senators – Rick Atterberry discussed the last Senate meeting, and discussion was held about the history of AP Senators and ensuring that three unrepresented districts gain representation (currently seven CAP districts are represented, three are not, and one is UA – and there are 50 student seats). Jeff will find out if Tracy, Kostas, and Melissa can help provide more context on this issue. Rick also discussed the athletic board’s need to report, and that there is a stalemate between the Governor and AFSCME related to health care.
Procedures and Elections Committee – Tracy gave thanks to AHR for their help with elections. Senate elections are over, except for a run-off, and CAP elections run through Tuesday. Next will be committee appointments and then CAP officers.
Communications Committee – Becky Ferrell provided updates and asked for response to videotaping related to 3 options: tape all but closed session, tape guest speakers, or tape all but AHR updates. After discussion, general agreement was to videotape special guest speakers (after securing their permission).
Grievance Officer – No report, but there will be an update at the next CAP meeting.

8. Academic Human Resources Report – Sharon Reynolds attended for Elyne Cole, and had no report. Jeff asked about visas, which will be much harder to procure for faculty, students, and staff (with the special exemption disappearing, it could take 6-8 months), and Sharon gave more details. He also asked about receiving a report (such as at Senate) on background checks.

9. Unfinished Business – None.

10. New Business – None.

11. Closed Session – None.

12. Adjournment – Meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

March 2017 Minutes

Council of Academic Professionals

Thursday, March 2, 2017, Illini Union Ballroom

Meeting Minutes submitted by Elizabeth Rockman

Attendees: Rich Gegg (1), Kristina Miller (1), Jenny Ehrnthaller (2), Amy Hovious (2), Shawna Naidu (3), Todd Spinner (3), Jessica Beaudoin (4), Andrew Reynolds (4), Rick Atterberry (5), Teresa Steckler (6), Elizabeth Wahle (6), Betoel Escobar (7), Tanisha King-Taylor (7), Tracy Parish (8), Chantelle Thompson (8), Rebecca Ferrell (9), Ravi Ramrattan (10), Elizabeth Rockman (10), Jeff Stein (11), Deb Stone (ex-officio)

  1. Call to Order – Chair Jeff Stein called the (recorded) meeting to order at 1:20 p.m.
  1. Guest Speaker President Tim Killeen – President Killeen discussed the following topics:
  • State budget is still uncertain, with significant effort made by the Senate, but budget recently fell apart due to revenue and pension issues. There is a family of bills that would provide the UI funding for FY17 and FY18 at the level of 90% of FY15. Individuals may contact individual senators. UI is still paying bills and covering salaries (including mid-year increases and gift-days). There is no move to implement mass layoffs, but if individuals retire, they are less likely to be replaced.
  • The Strategic Framework is alive and well, and will frame enrollment and technologies.
  • Tuition will be frozen for the 3rd year in a row, as we must be competitive on cost.
  • UI will be launching a development campaign; no name has been assigned and we are in a quiet phase.
  • Sesquicentennial events are ongoing, and a book has been published.
  • UI has an innovation agenda that will include private partnerships.
  • Grants and research funding is robust and we have wonderful talent.
  • UI will further grow enrollment by 15% over the next 5 years, with a nod to capabilities.
  • UI will continue to grow recruitment of in-state and underrepresented minority student populations.
  • IPAC (Illinois Performance Accountability Commitment) has been introduced into legislation, which would put into statute that UI budget will guarantee results, as measured by quantifiable metrics.
  • University Administration is working on health care issues, and communicating what is being done through AFSCME negotiations. It is hoped mid-year raises will help with related additional costs.
  • There is anxiety around the world, particularly related to underserved and marginalized populations; it is an important goal that UI is a most welcoming and inclusive environment. Statements will not be put out on every issue, but civil discourse is expected.

President Killen also answered questions:

  • A concern was raised related to public education and science, and it was noted there would be a 4/22/17 march for science after the Illinois Marathon. President Killeen noted that science and technology is important.
  • Another individual asked if a 15% increase in student enrollments might impact affordable housing. President Killeen noted that planning takes these issues into account, and Barb Wilson clarified that there will be some distance education and graduate student increases; all first-year students must live on campus in any case.
  • Chair Stein noted that one of CAP’s roles is to interface with UPPAC, CAP counterparts throughout UI, and that there are different ways of supporting professional development at each campus. The President confirmed that it is not the intent to have homogenous campuses.
  1. Public comments – None.
  1. Review and Approval Previous Month’s Minutes – Rick Atterberry made a motion to approve, and Todd Spinner seconded; motion passed.
  1. Chair’s Comments – Jeff Stein noted that the Sesquicentennial Luncheon at the Alumni Center involved campus, university, and community in the public kick-off. There would be a closed session for the Provost Search, as the process played out differently over the month, with APs expected to be well represented.
  1. Announcements – The Chancellor announced that United Airlines would begin serving Willard Airport in May. An item was noted for the Senate related to a bylaw change for representation of specialized faculty. Senate approved slate of Provost Search for faculty and students; also addressed was a resolution on Native American imagery. There will be no election for Wendy White’s CAP seat beyond the regular election.
  1. Committee Reports:

CAPE Awards Committee – Kristina Miller said that 6 finalist names were submitted to the Chancellor, and that a last vetting would be done to ensure the individuals are still eligible.

University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee – UPPAC met on February 6. UIC has had some HR changes. FLSA court decisions are being watched. It was noted to remind all APs to familiarize themselves with My Benefits Marketplace since that will be how May changes will be made (Deb Stone said the system works well, but all should make sure they are registered ahead of time – and keep track of their identifying number, as it will be important). Retirement planning conference will be on April 29.

Academic Professional Senators – Rick said the most recent Senate meeting involved going over election process, and issues related to needed DIA reporting.

Senate, Campus, and University Committees – A Senate Executive Committee report was given by Michael LeRoy related to budget. There is currently an incremental budget model with various factors considered, but UI will likely move to a responsibility centered management model to help with transparency of expenses (ie., how much it costs to keep operations up for colleges/departments). Budget will determined using 14 principles and balancing revenue with expenses; it is not clear yet how small units that rely on the collective will fit into this model (and cuts will likely have to happen in some of those areas). Andrew Reynolds asked if we should monitor these changes, and Jeff noted we would receive more informal information dissemination.

Procedures and Elections Committee – Tracy updated on Senate and CAP district elections, with the Senate election deadline just passed (with election dates of March 6-12, 2017), and CAP deadlines upcoming (with election dates of April 3-9, 2017). Committee vacancies will be publicized and voted on after both election cycles.

Communications Committee – Becky Ferrell noted there have been several meetings per month, and many communications related to elections. As far as usability of the live feed, Chantelle Thompson said it was a bit clunky and the audio is somewhat low. Discussion ensued related to special topics, and it was agreed to keep the live feed for special guests. Kristina suggested CAP review metrics for how many were accessing the feed. Becky said the committee is trying to revamp the CAP website, as well as update terms; Andrew corroborated, and said that they are also trying to ascertain what can come off the website; Jeff said the Senate website is a good site to use as a model.

Grievance Officer – No report, but an update that the Grievance Committee is awaiting information.

External Diversity Review Team session – CAP members who attended the session agreed that the people tasked with the review wanted to know more about what CAP is and how APs fit into the University structure as relating to many aspects of diversity. All agreed it was valuable program for CAP and APs.

  1. Academic Human Resources Report – Deb Stone attended for Elyne Cole, with regard to:
  • Salary increase upload took place the previous evening.
  • Lots of leadership changes: including new Interim Provost, and many vacancies (Associate Chancellor, Vice Provost, etc.), good sign that funding not curtailed.
  • Benefits Choice Options available in May.
  • July 3 is not listed as a holiday (as response to question).
  • Thanks were proffered related to Reduced Service Days being given as Gift Days, although some noted issues: some have challenges with work that is remaining, Academic Hourly employees didn’t receive the benefit, and grade audits must still be done in academic units.
  1. Unfinished Business – Questions were asked about leave for APs and Civil Service (websites need updates). Illinois HR will be rolled out in April (with web changes and structural clarifications).
  1. New Business – Rick noted the Title IX training has some glitches, and lack of customization.
  1. Closed Session – Closed session was held to determine Provost Search recommendations.
  1. Adjournment – Meeting was adjourned at 4:20 p.m.