District 2 Candidates for CAP Senate Elections

Members of District 2 will receive instructions on voting for one of the following candidates.

Neal Davis
Training Coordinator/Lecturer
Computational Science and Engineering

Statement of Interest:
One of my (and others’) concerns during the recent spate of troubled leadership and stormy state politics is that state higher education and particularly the University of Illinois remain competitive and credible. Clearly academic professional involvement is integral to this objective and I would like to voice AP’s contributions and perspectives. I have long been interested in the theory and operation of universities as they proceed into the 21st century, and feel this is an excellent opportunity to contribute to and guide this discussion at UIUC.

I have experienced the University of Illinois as a graduate student, as a lecturer, and as an AP. I am invested in the University’s future prosperity and in counseling wise governance decisions insofar as these impact our teaching and research activities support (and really, what else is there?). I can contribute a voice towards the graceful integration of modern best practices from industry into our administration and operation as well as a perspective on how science and industrial practice are evolving and intersecting with academia.

Dana Tempel
Assistant Director
College of Engineering, Undergraduate Programs Office

Statement of Interest:
As the Assistant Director of the Center for Academic Resources in Engineering (CARE), I consider myself a strong advocate and resource for student success for undergraduate engineering students. In my position it’s important to have strong relationships with faculty, staff, and students in the College of Engineering but also strong relationships with other offices who offer support and resources to students on campus.

I hope by serving on the Campus Senate committee I could contribute to all the important responsibilities and decisions which impacts our entire campus. I would also look forward to the opportunity to serve as support to all the Academic Professional in Engineering. Thank you in advance for your consideration.